Subjected -to-CHANGE (part-2: Final)

If you’ve not read part-1 yet then do read that first. Link for the same is as follows:

6. Group Studies: Ah, this is the best thing that jumps in our life few days before the exams starts and exits as soon as the exams ends. If I had to break it down, it was always 70 % random talks on topics such as (Food, who’s hot & who’s not, new songs, movie nights, YouTube videos, Cold war discussion and many more) whereas 30 % of serious studies simply because you can’t afford to get KT in Xavier’s. And exactly the vice-versa when it comes to the real world where “Group Studies” gets replaced with “Case Studies” and it also comes along with a team leader taking our case every day. I Just wish if somehow I could undo case studies back to group studies.
7. Parties: There are many weird, awkward and wild flashbacks that comes to my mind when I remember this word and I’m sure if you are from Xavier’s (in my case) or any other college for that matter you can relate to this very well. Let’s do some math here. On an average the number of exams we had per year would easily be 15 to 20 excluding KT’s and the number of parties we had were anywhere between 25–35 per year irrespective of your group size. Now coming back to reality, that number has been drastically dwindled to 10 to 15 per year “IF” you are lucky enough and under the name of “TEAM OUTINGS” that too few of them are the ones you attend just for the heck of it. And rest of them because “birthdays” and who wants to skip free cake slices, free delicious food and fukat ka beer in their only life. The Point here is, parties are there today no doubts about it but the blissful soul that every party had during college days is just not there in the corporate outings/parties.
8. Lavish Offices Vs College Campus: Just one sentence- I just can’t get over my college campus compared to any Swanky/creative/ billion dollar offices. I know people will disagree here but this is what it is and it will stay like this forever. I agree many office spaces are real nice but for me my college campus will always be better than the best. Simply because it was always filled with totally different level of love, affection, happiness, emotions, positive vibes and many more things as such. I’m not saying offices lack these things. It’s just that offices just can’t get to that level at all according to me.
9. Exams: Many people will disagree with me on this but I really did enjoy the exams because the best laughs in my college days were mostly related to pre-exams, during exams and post-exams. Definitely we don’t have any of them now, in fact we have something even worse, “DEADlines” and I kid you not it’s a pain in the ass. So basically exams were pressurizing always but there was so much of fun which used to come along with it unlike deadlines. The only thing that deadlines come along is a sad face of our team manager that’s it.
And last but not the least……
10. Events / Festivals: I’m sure there is no student in this country who haven’t worked for his college festivals/events. And if you are an exception here then I’ll suggest you to go and get a life ASAP because you’ve already missed one of the happiest moments of your life. There was a vivid spark which was easily seen even in the volunteer’s eye forget about the organizers-in-charge and the upper hierarchy because their level of enthusiasm was totally DOPE. People used to actually put extra hours without even having a second thought unlike today’s reality where even a 30–45 minutes of extra effort is unbearable. I understand it’s not possible every time because of work but what I’ll suggest is whenever you get time from your schedule just go and attend your respective college events just by attending those events or voluntarily helping your juniors will make you happy. It will make you think that you’re reliving those moments one more time By-The-Way this is also what I do and trust me that feeling is surreal.