By Rohan Nuttall


There are points in our lives where everything is clear and everything is possible. Where we aren’t afraid to dream, and yearn for everything that we would like to see happen to us in our lives. We’re comfortable with the friends we’ve grown close with, the place we’ve grown up in, and the idea of the person we will grow into. There’s line of sight. There’s certainty.

But change is inevitable. Life starts to move faster than we move, and the next second it seems like we’ve lost control of what’s happening to us. We begin to question our decisions, doubt our instincts, and hesitate. The path that lies ahead divides into a million directions, each one cloaked in ambiguity. We feel vulnerable, alone and scared. Where we once had a feeling of protection and safety, our hearts are now preoccupied with trepidation and nervousness. We know that something will happen, we just don’t know what. But I feel like that’s okay.

Yes, we all love familiarity and being able to make plans based on a future we can predict. But the sentiment of security can sometimes keep us trapped, living lives of quiet desperation. We’re too young to be satisfied with our surroundings. We’re too young to waste time fearing uncertainty.

While transitions to a new place, whether it be a new job, school, city or country, can be daunting and uncomfortable, our attitude toward change determines how much it fulfills us. Life paths are largely determined by chance encounters; letting go of our fear for the unknown teaches us that we have to make the most of ourselves. We have to trust ourselves. We’re all we have.

There’s a beauty in not knowing what we should be doing with our lives. We should never know. It’s part of the charm. But we have to remember that we can still do anything. Sure, clarity might not always be present, but we should never lose the courage to chase our dreams. Life awaits us.

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