Are we nearing a music apocalypse?

The time isn’t far when music CD shops will be closed forever. Their online inventory won’t be updated. Music companies will cease its production. And the only rescue shelters left for music lovers will be iTunes, Spotify, Amazon music; and now Google music that exists in the US alone where you get a paid download of 256 kbps (iTunes) or maximum of 320 kbps (Spotify), but not a wav. file.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if these platforms also died an underserved death as these days music is all for grabs on platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Google and of course, torrentz. Why would anyone pay for anything that is freely available?

Being a musician myself, I have come to realize that in this profession, the only actual way of earning in the near future is by either performing live or scoring for films and film songs.

Music making is an unimaginably tough and intensive process. There’s a lot of sweat and life that goes into creating music. It’s about time people realized the true worth of musicians and the tremendous amount of respect this profession commands.

Late Prince’s initiative to withdraw all of his music from unpaid platforms is really commendable. Though I do believe that these platforms are important for aspiring musicians who do not have an audience. But the established guys simply need not allow for their music to exist anywhere for free. If it comes at a price, people will buy, just as they did earlier.

Also, I want to mention about a platform now owned by Jay z’s company called “TIDAL”. Here, you can get access to CD quality music (1411kbps) for a monthly subscription. To pay for the increased royalties, Tidal depends on pay subscriptions. $9.99 a month gives you access to the “high-quality” music library. And $19.99 a month gives you access to the CD-quality music library. The only con with this is that it’s available only in select regions. But I would like to believe they will reach out to rest of the world soon.

People, please BUY music … Musicians deserve a lot more than they will ever tell or we’ll ever realize.