Daily travelling

We all want to go for a trip, travel. Although there is one type of travelling a very few like. Daily travelling, to school, to college, to work .

Why? Commuting from one place to another requires time. We think of that as wasting our time. As we have nothing to do in between. And often we can’t even sleep while travelling. And in case you’re driving specially when in metropolitan cities, that’s a different headache all together.

One more thing, this travelling occurs almost everyday. And when something repeatedly occurs in our lives.Things become monotonous.Think of your first commute to school, college or work. It was certainly more exciting than it is now.

So what do we do when when we’re free while travelling? One certainly has to find ways to kill time while travelling.The most common thing did while travelling is music.Music helps one relax and sets the mood.It changes the way we think.

When i went to Central Park ,Delhi

For me daily travelling is a resource.Being a metro traveler. I get a lot of time to think.I get ideas ,different ideas for different context.Ideas that can help people ,improve things.Or even solve problems.

An interesting observation in daily travelling is that now we’ve now memorised the route while travelling daily.We start noticing small things.I used to notice when any new cafe opened while going back home via bus.And visit it later ofcourse.

But daily travelling is a totally different story if your in a group ,say a school bus.Now its a platform to socialize.I had separate bus friends in school and have a load of memories associated with them.

Isn’t it fun?

It certainly is.Daily travelling is a necessary evil.We need to reach the place.It requires time and it depends on how we utilize it.Some people sleep while travelling.Some work.Some study.Some do nothing.Some ideate. and the rest listen to music.

here is a small video of my daily travel back to home from school

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