The night before exam

Your have your exam tomorrow.You’re anxious ,don’t know what’ll happen.But you may even be confident to ace it.Depends on how seriously you took the subject.

Let’s see both the situations

The serious one

The course has started ,and so have regular studies.This is is diligent and knows the secret to good grades is sincerity.

All homework's assignments done on time.Deadlines submitted before date.

For them the night before exam isn’t a really different one.Everything has been covered.Just simple revision was necessary.

The average one

Haven’t studied much ,but just enough.Although this one didn’t study regularly.

Homework's done but not regularly,assignments done and deadline submitted ,mostly one day before.

This one manages to get decent enough grades.Not the best ,but certainly not the worst.

The night before exam for them is a bit tiring but they get serious at the end and get good grades.

The ones who don’t care

Now they didn't care.No regular studies.Submit deadlines at the last minute.

Now here comes an interesting thing.The night before is okay for them.They do study ,but as they didn't care earlier,they wouldn't now as well.

Coming to grades .Now this varies from person to person.A few somehow do manage to get grades.Either they get lucky and get what they have studied or they are smartasses who grasp so well they need to study less.

Exam stress

Exam stress screws the best of the batch.The anxiety it develops is insane and can even be dangerous in some cases.But at the same time it’s common and natural.One is bound to get nervous during exams.You have to accept it first and then fight it!

How to counter stress

First of all make sure you realize that you are not the only one.The same is happening with everyone giving the exam.The moment you get this half of your anxiety is gone.

Now think why do you have that anxiety ?Is it because you didn’t study well.Or you studied too much and are scared of screwing up?

One interesting thing is what happened in the past or what will happen in the future wouldn’t change now .You have to make the most of now.Draft a realistic plan and follow it.You’ll improve for sure even if by a percent.

In the end,only work to improve yourself,not others.I cant emphasize enough on this ,but it DOES NOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE what marks you get to others.They’ll just listen and forget them.

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