My GSoC Journey — week #1

Rohan Sharma
Jun 2 · 3 min read

So after the month-long community bonding period ends, the coding period begins in which students have to start coding their projects and so did I. It all began with a quick meeting with my mentor in which we decided that we will be having week long sprints and would be deciding weekly tasks accordingly. So we planned the tasks for sprint #1 and brainstormed about the intricacies and details of each task and if it was feasible to complete that task in the decided time. So after half an hour or so of the meeting, my goals were all set and I had to start working on them.

The major 3 tasks among the total 8 that I should be sharing were-

  1. Starting a thread on OpenMRS talk for community reviews on designs and making changes accordingly.
  2. Learning about the .gitignore file for Android projects and adding one to my project.
  3. Implement the reviewed design for the splash screen.

Other tasks included initializing the project, pushing the code on git, setting appropriate branches for the project on GitHub and exploring the Docker container service. Also as I am new to Linux I have to keep myself getting more and more familiar with it. Believe me, guys, if you are reading this article and plan on entering the software industry in near future and still using a windows machine please shift to Linux right now. It may be hard at first but soon you'll realize its power and use.

Hence I implemented the above tasks over the week. I opened this thread on OpenMRS talk. I request the reader to give his views on the designs as we can still tweak some of the designs. I learned a lot about what should be and what should not be in your .gitignore file for Android projects. Important highlight~

Earlier I used to add the whole .idea folder to the .gitignore but fellow developers this is not a good practice. Not all the .idea files are useless. Some are important and deserve a space on your git repo.

You can read more about that on this amazing blog. I also implemented the splash screen using Constraint layout so that the screen elements adjust themselves on screens of various sizes.

Now comes the highlight learning of the week-

SSH protocol

This week has been amazing. Thanks to my ever supportive mentor Isaac Sears. Looking forward to an amazing journey ahead.

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