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Cardiovascular Digital Health Landscape | Feb 2020

Rohan Siddhanti
Feb 23 · 2 min read

As I’ve recently written, I believe Cardiology prevention / treatment is at an inflection point for the better — we are starting to see more innovation, largely with the democratization of heart-care data and tests that were traditionally guarded by hospitals and cardiologists.

In that vein, I made a map of the Cardiology Digital Health Landscape just because I was curious to see what is really out there.

** IMPORTANT **: No question this map is not perfect, but hey, it’s a start. This map is very subjective to my own opinions (see exclusion / inclusion criteria below) and perceptions of companies. No doubt I’ve made some mistakes and also probably left companies out. I’d love to hear from you and know what edits / thoughts you have!

Exclusion / Inclusion criteria for this map:

  • Not implantable (e.g., device), should be lightweight
  • Not biotech / pharma solution
  • Commercially available to all, not a solution for one hospital system (e.g., the Intermountain research app)
  • Company operates in the USA, and mostly in the heart-care space only
  • Has a product/service that can be used right now, not still waiting on FDA approval

My takeaways / thoughts from the map:

  • The remote monitoring space is crowded and difficult to distinguish companies from each other. Not just in feature-set, but in value-prop.
  • Feels like Heart Failure patients are getting a lot of attention due to how many companies are built specifically to address that patient subset — are these patients a high-cost driver for hospitals? (compared to other heart-patient groups)
  • The bottom-right, “Non-Invasive Imaging” section is probably what I’m the most excited about because it decreases the friction for heart patients to figure out their current state of health
  • Expect the “Employer Programs/Integrated Apps” box to grow as the other boxes grow, as it stands on the shoulders of the ecosystem growing larger as a whole, and consumer/doctor adoption and expectations heighten around what should be available to them

Giving credit where its due:

We all know I lifted this format and idea straight from CB Insights, they make the best maps. Folks over there, if you don’t love what I did and want me to change the format, please tell me :)

This tweet from Cardiology2.0 (online portal and digital magazine) was super helpful, thanks gang.

— — — — — — — — — — —

As always, would love your feedback and thoughts. You can find me on Twitter here.

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