Dude ! Of -motherfµckin’ -course it’s fake !
Bhoot Bahadur Delhvi

I think you meant Sierra Bravo instead of Golf.

Wow, you dug out Victor’s entire bio-data. Amazing !

Rhinemann ? Reminds me of that Robert Ludlum book, although The Janson Directive is still my favorite, even after reading The Bourne trilogy. Anyway, Amazon is good; in fact I do most of my online shopping (especially books) from Amazon itself.

As far as Alcatraz sir is concerned, he is in my Facebook friend list, so I could message him to contact you here itself if you want; he might know some publishers and stuff. Or if you have some generic non-sensitive questions, I can relay it to him if required. By the way, he didn’t actually leave NDA; he left the Air Force later. Which reminded me of the time when I got screened out of 2 AFSB Mysuru. Ten days later, on 30th June, I got conferenced out of 11 SSB Allahabad. Best five days ever !! I’m writing a detailed description of it; showed the starting two pages to the girl I went on a date with. Funny story regarding her. Anyway, she liked it and told me to complete it. The next SSB is in Bhopal, in September. I’ll get recommended this time !

You should totally rejoin Quora, although I have a feeling that Victor will report your profile again if he realizes you’re using it. Gate crashing Quora ? That’s bullshit ! If I was in your place I would’ve purposely created multiple fake accounts just to piss them off ! *smirks*

Anyway, congratulations on getting a commendation from Lieutenant General Vishwambhar Singh sir. You owe me a beer now, sir. No, two beers. B-)

“असामाजिक और अनैतिक तत्वों पर सेना और सरकार की दहशत बनाये रखने के लिए” — Epic ! :D

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