I Got the Juice! LimeFuel Nexus 5 Battery Case

More juice to power on

The One thing thats missing from the Android platform is great accessory and everyone can agree with me on that one. Now that Android handset makers are launching the same flagship on the all the major carriers it has enabled accessory makers to target specific android devices. Now we just have to filter through the good accessories and the not so good ones. Today ill be reviewing the Nexus 5 “L28N5" Limefuel Battery case. They promise the Enough fuel to power your day. Over and over again! but first a little back drop and story about android users and their obsession with battery life.

People are obsessed with their phone battery life. They post battery stats all day long on the web. Some people go so far as to root and underclock their expensive flagship device turning it into a slower device from past year. They cripple features to gain more juice. People argue all day long about which phone is better based on screen on time. We have some people who switch phone often in search of better battery life. Whats the screen on time? What's the standby time ? these are the questions that you find in the comment section of every device review. Handset makers are going away from removable batteries to a sealed design to improve the hardware design. So the users are no longer able to swap batteries when one is dead. On the ios platform the company Mophie rose to fame offering more juice to iphone users.

The Nexus 5 was launched on halloween at $350. The Nexus line abandoned removable batteries with the Nexus 4. So the only solution was to buy an external power pack charger or charge when you got the chance. They weren't any perfect solution until Now. I owned a Galaxy nexus which had a removable battery but felt it was cumbersome to carry around an extra battery in my pocket. Limefuel decided to bless Nexus 5 owners with a battery case that have more juice than the standard battery that came with the device.

whats your screen on time

LimeFuel Battery Case

The specs of the limefuel battery case states:

Battery capacity —-2860 mah

Input——5v/1.0A (Max)

Input charging——-3 hours

output 1——-5v/2.0A

cycle life- over 500 uses

price tag—-$74.99 on Amazon

Design Rating is 10/10

The case has a soft Matte finish that feels great in the hand. The case add bulk but thats expected when you are adding 2860 mah to the Nexus 5 frame. The case weight is 111g. The buttons are easy to press once the case is installed on the Nexus 5. The company used a high grade ABS flame resistant coating which gives it that premium and elegant look. In my testing the device felt light and easy to type on with the case attached. I had no issues with the added weight. You only need the case in certain instances. Its easy to setup and install. Its a 2 step process. None of the Nexu 5 holes are blocked. The camera lens is now elevated and protected. The back of the case has 4 green LED light that indicate the battery level. Four solid light means fully charged. One green led light signals low battery level and time to charge the case.

Performance - 9.5/10

I ran into one small issue during my testing. When account sync is turned the device takes longer to charge. Turn off sync and the case will charge the phone at its normal pace. The Battery case charges a little bit slower than if you were using a power outlet. Its like wireless charging versus power outlet charging. Its not a big deal to me. To activate the battery case you press and hold the battery case power button for 2 secs to start charging the Nexus 5. You do the opposite to power it down when you finish charging the case. Its a dual charge so when you are charging the case the phone is being charged at the same time. The Battery case is a life saver if you are business traveler or not near a power outlet. The case perform as advertised and thats the most important part. So next time someone post a screenshot like the one below link them to the limefuel battery case.