Rohini Madhav
3 min readSep 14, 2018


Getting connected with Sethu Sathyan : WIT Learning program

Today I had my first video call with an amazing lady who setup the Google Developer Group TVM chapter, Sethu Sathyan my program coach of WIT Learning Program. She is a deterministic person who has strong skills on technical background.The conversation went very informative indeed.

It is not my first time with Sethu since once I attended her session on Build Actions on Google organised by GDG TVM. So my team was about to create an action and we had a query on that. Since tomorrow is the last date and we needed it to get cleared, we reached out to her via mail. When we had our call the first thing she enquired was how could she help us and that shows how supportive she is.

Sethu shared her story to GHCI. She got to know about the program from her senior. She was into several organisations and that’s how she got there.

I had a bunch of queries and she cleared it in the best manner. I wish to share my queries and the reply here.

  1. How is GHCI and GHC Microsoft different?

Well GHCI happens in India while GHC Microsoft happens in US.

2.Whether Microsoft GHC only applicable to US students?

No, Indian Girls can apply.

3.Is it mandatory that one should have very good coding skills to qualify for GHCI scholarship?

No. It is not mandatory. To get the scholarship one should have some technical background such as organising an event which would benefit many. The projects done so far will be a strong tool with you.

4. When does GHc Microsoft happen?

This year’s application has been closed and it is happening soon. It usually happens during the month of September. So the application process will begin near around.

More about GHCI

Even if you dont qualify for the scholarship, you can attend attend GHCI career fair happening in Bangalore. There if you submit your resume atleast 3 companies will reach out to you. So it is one of the best platform to go for placement.

5. I would like to improve my software skills. Which is the best platform that you would suggest?

Coursera is one where we are examined on a strict basis with peer reviewing. Udacity is one other platform by Google.

Thus the discussion gave me more confidence and inspiration.

Further she asked me to research on Nidhiya V Raj and Dona Sarkar. I googled about them and send linkedIn request : ).

Also she send me the resources for Microsoft GHC and Windows Insider program.

Summing up the conversation was very resourcefula and interesting. We crossed the time limit 15 minutes as we had a lot of things to discuss and it was worth indeed.

I thank Sethu Sathyan for her time and Arya Murali for this wonderful opportunity.