Movie Review- PINK


Another fine work from Bollywood cinema making an attempt to highlight the dark side of Indian society in 21st century which despite of boasting of its progress and step taken towards empowerment of women fails to give them even their basic rights. However in a male dominated society like of ours, many chauvinist people might find it a waste of time. I am usually not the kind of a person who gets connected to the central idea of such movies with an important message and I too find it not the entertaining one after seeing the trailer but the very moment I saw the whole movie I felt how worse the woman have been treated in society since time immemorial and this has become worse than ever.

The movie features Three independent women who just like a modern girl want to their life to the fullest and in a concert they encounter a group of boys having one mutual friend. The friendly communication leads to an unexpected endings when one of the girl strikes bottle on the head of a boy(trying to outrage her modesty) As the girls decided to file complaint against them later on; situations were turnaround by the influential family of the culprit which in turn leads to the malignant remarks on characters of girls. There seemed to be no hope for the victimized girls until the rescue came from a retired lawyer. The main message and attack on male chauvinism starts after interval when the defense lawyer moves the proceedings stating Dos and Donts for the girls in general pointing out the barbarism of the society.

  1. A girl should not talk to a boy with smile and be friendly otherwise he may think it’s an indication for him to do whatever he want ( The worst mentality case)
  2. The character of a girl is decided by the time clock. The later she comes home the worse the character.
  3. If a girl drinks and party with boys she will also not mind going to bed with him.

The story ends with the happy ending just like other Bollywood movies embarking WIN of TRUTH ( SATYAMEV JAYATE).

The movie succeeded to a great extant in its ulterior motive to point out that current society which on one hand imposter by representing itself as promotor of women empowerment and on the other hand define women morality as it suits them..

This movie even though might not succeed completely in its motive to change the society mentality about women but atleast it might be a start of a greater cause…..

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