7 Must Have Apps on an iPad

There are over three hundred thousand apps on Apple App Store exclusively for the iPad. Therefore you have a choice to install whatever you want on your device but the following 7 apps are a must have on any iPad.

iMediaPlayer : With its retina display, iPad is a great device to view videos. But the problem is that the inbuilt “Videos” app is very underpowered. It cannot play many popular media formats like mkv and avi. And in order to sync the video to the iPad you first have to sync it with iTunes. On the contrary iMediaPlayer plays almost all the known video and audio formats. It is small and simple to use. Just drag and drop the file.

File AppPro: Fancy transferring a file to your iPad without the help of a cable? Then File AppPro is the app for you. This app lets to transfer anything from your computer to your iPad. When transferred you can either open your file via the installed apps or store it like a flash drive. Not only this, File App Pro also works as a PDF reader and a basic media player. This app requires the iPod/iPad and the computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi Network.

Google Maps: Ever since Apple removed Google as its default map provider, this app has become as necessity. Why? Because Apple Maps are terrible. They might work for big cites but for small towns…

NewsHunt: This is more of a convenience app. This app brings news from different Indian newspapers at one common place. Majority of newspapers like The Hindu, Hindustan Times and The Indian Express are covered by this App. (Times of India is a notable exception) It also includes vernacular newspapers of 11 Indian Languages.

App of The Day : Every day Apple drops the price of one of its paid app to Zero. Yes completely free of cost, no strings attached. App of The Day tells you the name of that free app. Not only the unknown ones but even some the big name Apps like Asphalt, Angry Birds and Gangster Rio have been brought under this scheme.

Skype: Yes everyone knows about this app, nothing new. But if you use this app wisely you can convert your iPad/iPod into a mobile phone. You can call anybody on their phone, anywhere in the world.

iPhoto : There are few apps in the world that are exquisitely designed and are yet useful at the same time. iPhoto is desktop class photo editing app. It is so powerful that you would transfer photos from your computer to your iPad to edit it via iPhoto. The thing that makes iPhoto simple and effective is the ability to use it with fingers. This level of preciseness can rarely be achieved by a peripheral device.

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