Productivity is more than just the measure of how effectively resources are used to produce outputs. Productivity is a mindset that continuously aspires to better ways of accomplishing tasks. Here are the productivity-boosting strategies you should follow in 2019….

Image By Unsplash (Productivity)

1. Make your list of written tasks the night before.

Ever get up five minutes late and spend the rest of…

Setting goals obligates us to take action, regardless of the obstacles that may be in place. Goals help us to be accountable for every action or step we take. Here are the 10 things you must do to achieve your goals.

1) Don’t set your goals on your current circumstances.

When you can’t control your circumstances, don’t let your…

Rohit Patil

Based in Pune, 26 years old, Designer and Blogger. Self-improvement, Lifehack, Technology Freak. @_rohit_patil026

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