What I learned from my last product launch

Over the years I have had many different ideas about products and companies to launch. Some got started and very few actually made to the finish line (if that is such a thing). This post is about what I learned from my last product launch.

It all started few years back when I had trouble with video call quality with my parents or for work. With no simple IP connectivity tools available I found it odd that in this age I could not figure out if the problem with the bandwidth was at my end or the other side. Sure I could run a speedtest but what about those like my parents who had no clue if the modem was ON, Router connected, end device on the Wi-Fi etc. So I thought why not come up with a simple way for people to monitor internet connectivity and bandwidth which did not require any knowledge of networking.

I went through several rounds of problem interviews with friends and family. Also spoke with several businesses who required a reliable IP pipeline. Everyone seem to be agreeing with me this was a cool thing to build. So I went through the rigor of the lean startup, conducting interviews and forging ahead with different iterations of the lean canvas in the hope that something was going to stick. So far nothing did but I learned a bunch of things along the way…


  1. Executing on lean startup principles
  2. Conducting problem interviews
  3. Coming up with MVP goals and assumptions to test
  4. Using lean canvas
  5. Outsourcing product research, content creation and many other non core activities.
  6. Organizing research results.
  7. Customer discovery
  8. Creating a storyboard for an explainer video
  9. Organizing feature backlog
  10. Outsourcing development.
  11. Conducting A/B testing
  12. Importance of using the right Metrics at different stages.
  13. Just in time learning and application.


  1. How to choose a backend tech stack
  2. Building REST API
  3. Working with different cloud providers like Heroku & AWS.
  4. Maintaining and aligning different code stacks for mobile/web and backed.
  5. Utilizing Wordpress themes for quick MVP’s.