Why do we suffer?
Today, one out of every four people around the world is suffering from mental illness i.e. 450 million people around the world. The question is why? As I look into the world I find a lot of misery and suffering in the lives of people. I often meet people and they tell me how miserable their life is. Some of them even try to tell me how miserable my life is, which certainly is, if I see from their eyes. So what is the root of the cause? What has made our lives so miserable? Despite the fact that the goal of every person on this planet is to live a happy life.
The origin of any kind of feeling or thought is our mind. The fallacious tendency of the humans to believe that the feelings are controlled by some outside force or their circumstances, is misleading them from the truth.
The one who is suffering always have a choice. However, pain is inevitable but suffering is a choice. The one who believes that suffering is inevitable and has learned helplessness will go on suffering more. And the one who believes that there is something he’s unaware of, which is the cause of his suffering will be open to learning. This curiosity will lead him to the gateway of knowledge.
So much of world’s suffering is due to fact that people spend most of their lives in the lower consciousness of their minds which is ensued from the lack of knowledge, incognizant of the truth. The knowledge of the self (atma jnana). Without self-awareness our thoughts and feelings are controlled by the unconscious beliefs and assumptions. We create our own suffering and perpetuate it in the lives of others creating endless pain and chaos. However, when we learn to become conscious of our primitive and self destructive thoughts, beliefs and assumptions we become more peaceful, loving and intelligent human beings.
Neuroscientists call the lower consciousness of the mind as ‘The Reptilian Mind’. Under its sway we strike back when we are hit, blame others, quell and stick to the image of ourselves of who we are, which is another form of ego. In the lower consciousness of mind, there is only 'I’. This ego, the sense of seperation from the world, is forbidding you to see the truth lying in front of you. And the suffering is the consequence of this self-constructed ego.
So what is the solution? How can we become more peaceful, loving and blissful human beings?
The answer is to become conscious of yourself, to become conscious of your thoughts. Yes, it is that simple. It is most simplest thing we can do. It is knowing without the borders of already known. Seeing the unseen beyond the veils of illusion. Listening the un-uttered. This state of the mind is higher consciousness of the mind. In this state of higher consciousness, everything you perceive is the 'truth’. And the truth in itself is gorgeous. Now your mind will be as vast as an ocean and deep to the eternity. The ocean, which is filled with the pearls of knowledge. With this knowledge in the tranquil ocean, the ego is dissolved. Everything becomes intelligible which once seemed intricate.
You will lose the sense of the self. In this state, the suffering is destroyed, leaving behind the eternal happiness. In this process of self-realization you realize that no distinction between the self and the other can be made. And eventually you will realize 'you are that' ( Tat Tvam Asi ).
All you need to know lies within you. Believe that the cause of your suffering is because you are unaware of yourself and if you will seek within, you shall find. Look inside and you will be free from all kinds of suffering :)
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