Get started today

I’ve always wanted to start writing on Medium or post a blog but I never really got down to doing it until now. I kept convincing myself that it wouldn’t be any good and no one would probably read it. So, what made me start writing?

A weird dream woke me up at 4AM today and I had this strange rush of emotions. I decided to read a couple of articles on Medium and got hit by the inspiration train. I wanted to bring a change in my routine and start doing the things that I wanted to start doing.

I’m going to go back to sleep in a bit but I’m going to feel great that I’ve finally written my first Medium post. I’m convinced that I’m finally going to clean my room today(which has been a chaotic mess for the last two months) and I can probably start reading the newspaper more often.

If I succeed I’ll most probably write about it in my next couple of posts and if I fail, then I sure as hell am going to write about the next time.

It’s not the most inspiring post but hopefully, I’ve inspired you to actually get started on something today. This is my first Medium post and if you’ve read this all the way to the end, I would love to hear a word of inspiration from you.