India is on lease for 99 years

Article 147 of INDIAN PENAL CODE says England can even today capture India. Article-147 mentions 5 items — — IIA-1947, GoIA-1935 and Privy Council, amendments in IIA-1947 and amendments in GoIA-1935 wrt interpretation of constitution. 
 Art-147 clearly says that supreme court judges will have to FOLLOW these five items.
 We are still under The control of British parliament and British supreme Court.Article-147 of Constitution says that Supreme judges have to obey British Court.

Recently I was hearing the recording of Rajiv Dixit, a very famous nationalist .. i heard he said, in the Transfer of power agreement 1947, which was signed between Nehru-Mountbatten for Indian-Independence.. It is mention that, india will be member of commonwealth dominion for 99 years and no law made by british would be amenable or removable.. ? Not only that, Queen of UK is head of state above president of INDIA by rank…. such that, she do not require Passport / Visa to enter in INDIA…… The final decision of Independence from Dominion status would be decided after the or during the end of this 99 years of agreement. ?…..that means in 2046 the British government can again takeover India don’t know it is true or not but 2046 will be a very surprising/shocking year for many many indians.