why the food is so expensive in theatres & is it right or wrong

Once you decide to enter a theater, you can’t just choose whichever popcorn from whichever source you want. You have to buy THEIR popcorn because there is no other option for you foe example in india the small size bucket of popcorn is off 130 to 150 rupees that is expensive another example is if we want to buy a water bottle then outside it is 20 rupees & inside the theatre it is 45 rupees , for cold drinks u have to pay 110 for 500 ml whih is to be sold in 35 rupees. there logic is that they are providing facilities to the customers like with cold drink they are providing glass , straw, seat & air conditioning environment but we had already paid for seating & air condition environment in movie ticket price then why they are charging all these things above MRP . the supreme court says that they can charge above MRP because they are providing facilities & they called it as service charge but for a 35 rupee botlle how can they charge 110 rupees. some of the theatres had 39% of the total income from food % drinks.

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