Who are “They”?

The very word Swamiji makes us think about those saffron clothes, beads, their long hair and comes to an emotion with which many of us connect to them. I won’t say they are blind or that they are immature, but have you ever wondered if there is some energy so powerful that even an emotionally stable person could be drawn towards them! Not only in Hinduism but in every other religion.

The person shown is of no relation to the context.

Now, just imagine a guy whom you have been seeing from his childhood, a playful kid, a guy with no proper lifestyle but who suddenly turns into a godly man! And you are busy with your family, children and reaching your most ambitious goals to bring a change to the society. But this kid whom you have been observing for years is now the most influential human in your society. How will that be acceptable to you? The hard-working, talented, most deserving guy who has been working for many years to make a change, to live a fruitful life. Is that is what your society needs? Some playful kid who has wasted his whole youthful years and somehow managed to gain this godly status, over a guy with lots of ability and experience which he had gained over years.

Whats right what’s wrong? Is there any set of rules how we should build our lives? — No, right. But why should one feel so irritated and insecure when these people have the higher status in the society. He talks, says things which connect to the weakness of people and he tells them to overcome those. He creates an atmosphere around him which is way more different from our daily life. He attracts people, he makes them become what he had been for years, a young kid with no aim or goals in life, happy, dancing and singing. This makes any person who is striving for success to just forget everything and become admired to the god who brought him back to life. We think success as an end to our aim but many get to know that it has no end when they achieve it, this makes them keep on striving to hold this magnum position. They can’t find any way out of this. Which leads to the process of escape into something beyond life! And those other hard earning class of people who are in their own whirlpool of situations, they just want to forget their past and jump into a different world.

There was once this guy who would claim himself as the reincarnation of the Hindu deity Vishnu. People were gathered in thousands in my hometown just to look at the face of this God and feel his presence. I was a youngster, out of curiosity to look at all these even I was standing in the crowd. When he appeared people started to shout, dance and went crazy. One of them even climbed the barricades and had almost embraced the almighty God. Later thrown out. This guy used to just listen to the problems of some people and would give them an immediate solution which makes them go crazy. They start to just fall down and keep on shaking their body until he sprinkles some white powder on them. Looking at all these I was drawn into the act which was very carefully enacted. And when I was returning back, I saw the same guy with so many problems and a professional actor, smoking pot behind a tree with few others. These things made me dig deep into the problems in our society. Why would anyone cheat on masses? Are they mentally ill? Are they really here for a solution? Or beyond all this, are we as a society mentally unstable?