Top 10 Sales Enablement tools for empowering your sales team(Updated 2019)

Rohit Prasanna
Apr 5, 2018 · 5 min read
Sales Enablement Tools

Sales Enablement is a process that helps drive and improve sales using opportunities available in real-time. Though there is no such thing known as a perfect Sales Enablement tool, each of the tools we will discuss will have a part to play in the entire process.

The effectivity of sales lies in closing opportunities faster using the right messaging and data, however, with the sales space getting more competitive and involved, it is essential to align it with marketing in real-time.

Before we delve into the top 10, we should also consider that sales enablement comes through as a combination of business intelligence, content analytics, customer experience, CRM, gamification, marketing automation, sales analytics and many other smaller process that come together to enable sales.

Let us get to that list, remember they are not ranked in any order, just that they are the best at one process that contributes to sales enablement.

  1. Agile CRM: Agile CRM is an integrated Sales, Marketing, and Support CRM build for growing businesses. It combines a host of features and is highly affordable for companies that are looking to scale.

Agile CRM Features:

1. Real-time customer intelligence, interactive dashboard, completely customisable dash-lets, sales reporting and social suite.

2. Process-centric experience, providing real-time updation on customer data on all three fronts.

3. Collaborative sales experience complete with gamification features.

4. Deployable on any device owing to being a cloud offering.

5. Manage workflows across all three — sales, marketing, and support departments.

6. Automate prospecting and nurture emails using marketing automation features.

2. Crescendo: Crescendo is a one-stop-shop mobile sales enablement and presentation tool that delivers up-to-the-minute content to your team. It’s elegant, branded, and very easy to use.

Crescendo Features:

1. Works on Google Drive, Sharepoint, Box, Salesforce, and OneDrive content.

2. Simple setup and deployment.

3. Works on iPhone, iPad, Laptops, and tablets.

4. Presents content in your custom brand and format.

5. Sends content to clients, prospects, and to your team with one click.

6. No data migration required.

3. Kapost: A content marketing platform, Kapost facilitates users to create and distribute content in a straightforward manner thus improving traffic, leads and revenue. It also integrates with most marketing automation tools and has support for all content types.

Kapost Features:

1. Has a structured workflow that creates an efficient process alignment.

2. Integrates with many marketing automation tools.

3. In-app messaging and activity feed make collaborative content creation easier.

4. Content auditor ensures that all content is aligned with objectives and audiences.

5. Campaign scheduling, tracking of all assets.

6. Progress tracking feature along with the editorial calendar.

7. Metrics for content creation, distribution, performance, engagement as well as ROI.

4. Sitecore: If you are looking to deliver personalised customer experience, Sitecore is for you. It works on both online as well as offline channels and is capable of meaningful interactions across them. It is a tool that can enable one-on-one engagements across the sales funnel.

Sitecore Features:

1. Real-time collaboration capabilities across traditional and digital channels with reusable components.

2. Create and manage branded communities with forums, blogs, polls, etc.

3. Profound insights into prospect behaviour.

4. Automated detection of user devices to deliver best web experiences.

5. Automate nurture emails based on action and triggers.

5. Hearsay Social: Built for B2B, Hearsay Social helps businesses leverage social media to communicate with prospects and customers. Hearsay, by the way, is also a market leader in compliance and social risk solutions.

Hearsay Features:

1. Singular dashboard to manage web and social presence holistically.

2. Offers compliance with all requirements and government regulations.

3. Training for best use and practices, knowledge and key skills.

4. Predictive technology to identify and engage prospects and find opportunities.

6. Attivio: Attivio is one of the leading search and discovery platforms which helps the C-Club (decision makers) make right, actionable decisions. It is a tool to build, deploy, and manage new and groundbreaking applications that renders information more accessible, meaningful and actionable.

Attivio features:

1. Use innovative search and discovery to enrich user experience.

2. Ability to recall unstructured as well as structured data at a single click to transform decision-making.

3. Secure and reliable to automate business processes.

4. Scalable with a less total cost of ownership.

5. Innovative and instant information visibility.

7. Badgeville: Used to measure and influence user behavior, Badgeville is a gamification. More suited to B2B, it can be used for both mobiles as well as web sites. It can be leveraged to build personalized experiences for customers and employees to improve engagement.

Badgeville Features:

1. Develop personalized experience that works in your niche or aligned with your business objectives.

2. Single interface to track, measure and analyze user actions.

3. Engage prospects or customers across the entire digital space including social media networks.

4. Create, edit and update the engagement process in real-time.

8. Formstack: Forms are one of the most effective leads capture tools, and Formstack does a great job of an online form builder. It also integrates analytics that can help garner valuable insights into data collected.

Formstack Features:

1. Forms are rapid to build and deploy due to the drag and drop feature.

2. Integrates with many third-party applications.

3. Captures and streamline data in real time with multifaceted fields that can be used as necessary.

4. Create forms that match your brand colors using templates.

5. Seamlessly fills forms with Social Media accounts and also embeds forms directly into Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

9. CoolLifeSystems: This is a cool marketing automation and sales enablement tool that is designed for B2B. Cool Life Systems is a cloud-based solution that helps enterprises manage partners, clients, sales pipelines, marketing, and data. With various integrations, this tool can boost ROI.

CoolLifeSystems Features:

1. Document management from a centralised database.

2. Customisable reports for various functional requirements.

3. Helps instant decision-making due to real-time analytics.

4. Marketing campaigns are easy to create, deploy and manage.

5. Integrations with various CRM and other business apps.

6. Offers dynamic forms, social media plugins and blog modules to develop responsive landing pages.

10. Amacus: A sales analytics tool, Amacus generates profound insights into the relationships between prospect actions and sales activities. This helps optimize sales processes and helps build better revenue streams.

Amacus Features:

1. Analyses talking points and sends timely alerts.

2. Workflow analytics and real metrics can be leveraged for better sales.

3. Interaction history is available with a click.

4. An intuitive user interface that helps sales take quick decisions.

Now that I have been there and done that on sales enablement, would like to understand if you use any of the above tools or prefer a different tool altogether. Kindly suggest in comments so that I can take the clue and get that on the table.

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