Let the record show, MHacks IV was probably one of the best experiences of my life. Not only did I learn a lot, but I got to meet some great people. From finally putting names from facebook to faces, to meeting Alexis Ohanian, it was all a great experience overall.


Now to our hack: CosmosBrowser. Initially, my team was supposed to create a music collaboration app which lets friends collaborate on beats and create music together. It seemed like a great idea, we had everything planned out but just like every plan, this too got foiled. Our iOS dev team member couldn’t make to MHacks. We were sad but decided to give it a try nonetheless. After we said our hellos and such to each other, we decided to get down to business. Soon we realized, there was no way we could finish this in the 30 hours we had left so we decided to pivot. We were back at square one. …


Rohith Varanasi

Mobile @ Coinbase Wallet

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