Ever thought of adding a tourist locale to an itinerary cart?

For years now we all have been shopping online through various online portals. I’ve been quite fascinated by the range of products up for sale and the convenience of your shopping cart items being delivered at your doorstep with just a few clicks.

I salute those who first coined the idea of e-commerce. What a gift to society?

Being a software engineer by profession and a traveler and nature lover by passion, I wanted to build a website that could allow travelers to build a travel Itinerary by adding tourism locales to an Itinerary cart akin to a shopping cart. The benefits are obvious.

You pick up locales you are interested in after reviewing the detailed specification of each.

You have products classified under different categories of tourism so that you can quickly get to your travel niche.

You can enhance your specific Locale experience by adding activities to suit your budget and time.

You see an approximate price indicator that enables you to have a watch on your budget as you build your itinerary.

You have a chance to review your Itinerary cart and add or delete locales.

Most importantly you are not bound to a pre defined itinerary offered to you by a travel operator.

Well of course, you cannot buy the items you have added to your Itinerary cart, you can just post an inquiry and get a quote. But still, is this not better than someone announcing package tours, where you are not guaranteed to enjoy all that have been set up as part of an Itinerary before-hand.

I know, making such a website to cover all tourism locales on earth would be next to impossible. But, I’m determined to build one at least to cater to locales in the part of the world I belong to…a mostly unexplored and unseen world.

Any guesses!!!

The pristine North East corner of India, also known as the land of the seven sisters.

Track my progress at www.northeasttrailbuddies.com