How I got more Twitter followers — Social Quant review

Social Quant is an online tool which looks at increasing your followers by using the keywords to attract more followers. All you would have to do is to setup the account and then leave it to Social Quant to run the account. Social Quant will find targeted followers for your account on its own.

In this post, we will talk about the results from Social Quant and should you use it to grow your account?

How I grew my Twitter account with Social Quant?

Social Quant has a free 14-day trial which you can use to grow your Twitter account. You can use Social Quant to grow your account without spending any time on Twitter. I grew my account and got 900 new followers in 14 days without spending any time on Twitter.

You can grow your account manually by using Crowdfire and adding followers from influencers on Twitter and grow your account. But, you don’t have to spend any time building your following on Twitter as Social Quant will do all the work for you. Manually adding on followers can get boring as you need to keep on following and unfollowing on your account every day.

How to setup Social Quant?

It is quite easy to set up Social Quant as all you have to do is to put in the relevant keywords for your business and then you are set to go. Hopefully, you have an idea about the keywords for your business. In case, you are struggling with keywords there is a helpful video on Social Quant which will help you know how to get new keywords for your business — brand names, influencers in your industry, your competitors, industry events etc.

Once you have figured out keywords, then you can use these keywords to target the followers. It will take you few minutes to set this up but you can add and remove keywords whenever you want.

Social Quant will follow the followers for you and if the followers do not follow you back then Social Quant will unfollow those followers. You can create a list called ‘keepers’ whom you want to follow and not let Social Quant unfollow them back.

Use negative keywords to avoid irrelevant followers

Once you have set up keywords to get followers on Twitter, you can also use negative keywords which will avoid any irrelevant followers to come up on your Twitter handle. For example, if you are in the paleo niche then you want to target users in paleo niche only. If you want to avoid followers who follow ‘Atkins diet’, then you can use ‘Atkins’ as your negative keyword and Social Quant will avoid to use this keyword and avoid the followers from this niche.

It is essential to unfollow people as Twitter has a limit on the number of people you can follow, which depends on the number of followers your account already has. You can create a separate list of ‘Keepers’ whom you want in your Twitter stream regardless of the fact that those followers follow you back or not.

Once you sign up on Social Quant, it will take three days to analyse your data and then there will be new followers who will join on your account. If you have used the right keywords, then you will start seeing a number of new followers getting added on your account.

Do you get quality followers from Social Quant?

I was getting new followers every day but are they quality followers because you do not want to add new followers just to add to your Twitter handle, you want quality followers who will buy your product or add to your mailing list.

You can find out how engaged your followers are on the basis of engagement on Twitter handle. If you are getting comments, mentions, retweets and shares then people are engaged. I have realised that the engagement levels have certainly gone up in the past few days as new followers are being added every month and I have got lot more shares and retweets on my tweets than before.

It did not cost me anything to get these quality users during the free 14-day trial period. You can use Social Quant to increase your followers by paying a small fee every month.

Social Quant cost

After the trial period ends, Social Quant service are being offered at $50 per month and there are special offers running on the site from time to time. You can get the service for as low as $25 per month if you sign up here.

My Takeaway

Social Quant helped me grow 900 new followers in 14-days trial period and also saw increased engagement with new followers being added. I got all this with putting in no new work.

You can achieve all this by using the free 14-day trial period or you can pay a small fee every month to continue growing your Twitter account. I am using a paid account to grow my account as Social Quant has reduced my time spent on Twitter to 90%.

I would certainly recommend you to take 14-day trial period and decide for yourself.

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Originally published at on August 22, 2016.

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