How to build your LinkedIn profile and get hired

LinkedIn has more than 200+ million users and is the biggest professional website in the world. It is only logical that as a business executive or a freelancer you would want to update your LinkedIn profile so that your profile makes a strong impact to be hired.

How to make your profile awesome

Update your profile photo

LinkedIn is a professional networking site so if you put up a picture which has you in your college days with a mug of beer in your hand, change your picture now!! I find so many people who have put up their social pictures on LinkedIn profile. Use a picture that shows a professional side of you. There is a difference between a Facebook profile picture and a LinkedIn profile picture. You don’t want to use a bad profile picture on your resume.

Use your name

You should use your full name instead of just your first name or your initials. You might have people know you from your nickname but it is important to use your full name so that your name comes up on the search results when people search for you.

Write a brief summary

Write a brief summary about yourself and make sure that it is personal to the reader. Build a great story about who you are and add details like experience and your hobbies. I write in my description that I am a weekend golfer, it shows that I am passionate about golf and gives a glimpse of a personal side to my life. I have also written two books which I tell people which adds more credibility to my name.

Do not lie

Nowadays, people write exaggerated stories about their work experience. Do not do that. You might go some distance if you lie about your experience but once you are caught it will harm your reputation and create a bad impression about you.

Be transparent and ethical about who you are and instead of faking about your experience, but honest about yourself.

Use the Vanity URL of your profile

Every LinkedIn URL comes with a default URL which is usually a combination of your name and few more letters. For branding purposes, it is a good suggestion to claim your vanity URL so that people can identify you easly.

List your websites as “Other”

When people see your profile, they can have a look at contact info in your profile which has your email address, phone number, and social media handles listed. You can list your blog and other websites also in the profile. So, when people click on your site, they can be redirected to your website where they can know more about you.

Set your LinkedIn profile as public

Have you come across a profile which you find interesting but when you try to look into their profile, you realize that you need to connect to the person before you can access their profile on LinkedIn. If you set your LinkedIn profile as private then you lose the opportunities to connect to more people and hence lose out on business opportunities. You cam make your profile visible by going into Settings panel -> Privacy section -> Edit your public profile. You can set your profile as public and choose what sections of your profile can be seen to other people.

Recommend others and get recommended

Recommendations are the backbone of your LinkedIn profile and shows what people think about you. For potential employers, LinkedIn recommendations are references for them on what kind of person you are. I would suggest that you recommend your connections first and then you can ask them to recommend you back.

LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn groups are the best place to start connecting and networking with people. Search for relevant groups and add value by responding to the people’s queries. You can get to know people and let people know about your skills and services.

It is important to add value first and engage with people in the groups. You can comment on other people’s comments and build your connections there.

Add and build connections

Add people whom you know or have worked with. Connections on LinkedIn are similar to “Friends” on facebook. Make sure when you add people you don’t stalk them. Add status updates to your profile and engage with your audience. I have more than 6500+ connections because it has taken me more than 4 years to build this connection. I have reached out to almost all the people whom I added on LinkedIn and made real connections with them. I have been into Business Development for the companies I worked for and built my business over the LinkedIn connections that I had built over the time.

Add the skills

Getting endorsed for your skills is easier than getting recommendations on your profile. When someone views your profile, LinkedIn prompts them to endorse you for a skill. Add relevant skills so that it is easy for others to recommend you.

Add relevant experience and qualifications

It is important to add relevant experience and education. If you a project manager and have worked with an MNC company where you expertise was used, do mention it in your profile. Mention experience and education which would help you get hired. Remember that clients want to hire you for what you do and not on what you are great with.

Be a leader in your niche

List all the groups where you are active and show your authority to gain respect from your peers.

  • Engage in Q & A — LinkedIn offers Q&A section where people can ask questions about their topics. If you participate and answer the questions then you assert your authority on the topic and can guide others on your knowledge.
  • Publish on LinkedIn pulse — Pulse is daily news digest from LinkedIn where you publish your articles and showcase your knowledge on a particular topic.

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