How to use Fiverr to create Ebook covers which will sell your book on Amazon

People judge the book by its cover so it is important to have a great cover for your book. A cover and the description of the book are the first few things people will look at when they want to buy your book. They make your book sell to the reader who has only few seconds to glance through the book and decide whether to buy the book or not.

You can easily create a book cover for $5 on but if you are paying just $5 for the cover then the designer is not spending a lot of time on your cover. Our aim is to get the best cover by using the cheap services of

In this post, I will discuss on how to find the best cover designer for your book and the important steps to keep in mind.

How to select the best cover designer on Fiverr

Usually, people will hire a cover designer who is at the top of the Fiverr gig or a designer who has the most ratings on Fiverr. Cover designers who are at the top of the search results have the most traffic and get the most sales. They have multiple orders a day and churn out lots of designs in a day. All they need to focus on is not getting any bad reviews and they would keep on making money from their Fiverr gig.

I would suggest that you hire cover designers who are just starting out as these cover designers are hungry for work and they need 5 star ratings for their work. If they get bad reviews initially, then people will not hire them for more work. Also, there is no competition for their time and they have all the time to work on your design.

So, working with somebody who is hungry for more work is better than working with somebody who is hard pressed for time and might give your order in a week’s time with almost spending no time on your work. There might be some risk if you hire from a first-time designer but Fiverr does return your money back if you do not like the designer’s work, so you can experiment with a designer and see how well does the designer work.

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How to get the best work done by Fiverr designer

If you are getting a design done by a Fiverr designer, then he may not be able to provide you the work of a professional who charges $200 for a design. So, how do we get the best out of a cover designer?

You need to give him guidelines and examples so that the designer knows what cover would work well with your book. Professional cover designers know what cover will work with the market you are trying to cater to. Lot of people do not send out detailed notes and examples to the cover designers and the result is that the cover designer does not send out great covers for the book.

Research on covers

While you are on Amazon, you should look at covers from best sellers and research on why covers work for those books –

  • Does the cover stick out?
  • What colors are used in the cover?
  • What did the cover make you think about the book?

I usually save the covers in my folder named “ Cover designs” and make notes on the cover. I will then tell my cover designer on how the designs and words should look like. When you send out detailed notes, you will know that you will get the desired cover from Fiverr.


If you followed the steps, you will get the desired cover for your book and a designer who shares the same style which is needed for your books.

This process will eventually lead you to create better designs for your cover, rather than going for the designer with highest ratings and letting them decide how to go about the designs.

How do you use a cover designer from Fiverr. Let me know in the comments!

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Originally published at on August 31, 2016.

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