Perfect image sizes for social media sharing to get more clicks

Images are an important form of content on social media. They perform better than text, videos and other forms of content. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram has the images as the most popular content. Pinterest and Instagram are popular social media platforms where only images can be shared. Instagram has more than 300 million followers and Pinterest has close to 100 million followers worldwide.

Quality images are important to be well received on social media platforms. Let us have a look at the perfect images sizes for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+.

1. Perfect image size for sharing on Facebook-

Your image on Facebook will take as much space as Facebook allows you to put in on your page. Images which are uploaded to Facebook will be resized to its maximum height and width, so the image size for you would be 1500 * 1500 pixels.

An image size which will be shared with a link can be uploaded as 1200 * 700 pixels.

Links with larger images get more likes, comments and share and dominate the news feed.

2. Perfect images size for sharing on Twitter

Twitter requires sizes which are 2:1 ratio and are in landscape mode.The perfect image size for twitter will be 1000 * 500 pixels. If you don’t follow the 2:1 ratio, then Twitter will fit the cropped image. So, do put images with the same ratio. You can also use the width of 500 pixels and height of 250 pixels.

3. Perfect image size for sharing on Pinterest

Images uploaded on Pinterest can be at a width of 236 pixels. There is no maximum height for an image for Pinterest but the maximum size for the width of an image should not exceed 708 pixels. We recommend an ideal image size of 1000 * 1500 pixels to get the best results.

4. Perfect size for sharing on Instagram

Images that appear on Instagram should be in the recommended size of 1000 * 1000 pixels. You can use the same images you have used for Facebook.

5. Perfect image size for sharing on LinkedIn

The perfect image size to be uploaded for LinkedIn should be 800 pixels wide by 800 pixels high. In case, there are images shared with a link, an image of 164 pixels wide by 99 pixels high will have to be used.

6. Perfect size for sharing on Google +

The perfect size for sharing images on Google+ would be 1200 x 1200 pixels. Images which can be uploaded to Google+ will be a maximum width of 426 pixels and a maximum height of 928 pixels. We suggest that you can use the similar image you have created for Facebook and used it for Google+ posts as vertical images look great on Google+.

Perfect image size for social media sharing

  • Facebook : Upload an image with 1500*1500 for best quality.
  • Twitter: Images with the size of 2:1 ratio. 1000 * 500 pixels will be ideal for Twitter posts.
  • Pinterest : Images with the size of 1000 * 1500 pixels is the ideal image size.
  • Instagram : Images with the size of 1000 * 1000 pixels is ideal for Instagram posts.
  • Linkedin: Images with the size of 800 x 800 will work best.
  • Google+ : Images with the size of 1200 x 1200 pixels will work well for Google+.

As you can see that there are different images sizes for each social media channel. So, instead of using the same image size use different images for each audience of the channel you are trying to communicate your idea to.

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