Social media tasks to save your time

You may be looking at running social media for your company or looking at outsourcing social media work for your business, I have created social media tasks which will help you run social media more effectively. Here’s a look at social media tasks which will help you plan, schedule and publish.

1. Create a social media strategy

It is important to create a social media strategy or your business so that you know your social media goals and the results you have achieved. Your business goals may be to increase brand awareness, create more sales, generate more leads but social media goals may be to increase your reach and get more shares, retweets, and conversions on social media platforms. The most important step is to clarify social media’s goals.

Set specific goals

What is the benchmark for success when you create social media goals? Is it get 500 followers? Or, 10, 000 followers? Create goals which are specific and have clear timelines.

Set measurable goals

When you are looking at tracking results, numbers do matter. Are you looking at increasing Twitter followers or responding back to queries on time. Set measurable goals which you can attain.

Keep your goals attainable

Keep your goals challenging but attainable at the same time. You do not want to set really high targets with no plan to attain them. Take consistent action and keep making progress.

Make time-specific goals

Make sure to create time-specific goals where you commit to a deadline for the goal to be completed. A time-specific goal would be — “I am going to increase 10, 000 Facebook followers in Q1”. The goal has a specific timeline which you can track your results.

2. Do a social media audit

You need to audit social media platforms to see how well you social media plan would be executed. You can evaluate social media profiles by creating a mission statement for each profile. Then, evaluate if the mission statements align with your business values and goals. This will help you ascertain if you need to keep the profiles for your business or not.

Create a consistent theme and image for each of your profiles. This means that the image, cover, photos, bio and links should be correct and consistent in all the profiles.

Next step would be to centralize the passwords of your profiles. You can create an account on Lastpass to create a central place to store passwords or assign the task to the IT team to store usernames and passwords.

3. Create an editorial calendar

One of the important tasks for a social media manager is to create an editorial calendar where you collate all the content and plan when the posts to be scheduled.

You can easily create an Excel sheet and information can be put up on the basis of the content to be published. Editorial calendar should have following information –

  • Title of the content
  • Links fo the content
  • Publish time
  • Channels to be promoted on

4. Social media content calendar

Another important calendar is the social media content calendar. In this calendar, you can include the content which can be promoted on social media channels. The calendar will help you keep track of all the posts and find out if you have been ignoring a certain social media account.

5. Social media profile images

Social media profiles are your opportunity to create an impression for your brand and people look at the pictures on the profiles which serve as the visual representation of your brand.

Following are the dimensions for profile images for social media networks –

  • Facebook profile — 180*180
  • Instagram — 100*100
  • Twitter — 500*500
  • Linkedin — 500*500
  • Google+ — 2508250

Do you work on social media tasks to grow your business. Let me know in the comments!

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Originally published at on August 29, 2016.

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