You’re lying on the floor. Your visions all blurry.

You’re trying to say something. No but you can’t, the words just won’t come out. Why? Because you haven’t learned to speak yet.

“Where am I?” — Oh, you’ve learned to speak already have you.

“What is this place?” — Interesting, your first few words are inquisitive. I wonder why you want to know about this place.

“It’s, it’s all new to me.” — Really now? But you just got here, there is no timeline for you to compare this to. In fact this can’t be new to you when you don’t have an ‘old’ to go back to.

“What’s going on? Who are you?” — Still quite the inquisitive one aren’t ya?

“How, how, how come I can’t see you?” — Oh come on now, there’s better questions to ask. What’s wrong in speaking to someone you can’t see.

“ “ — The real question though is, what are you doing here?

“I, I don’t know. I don’t remember anything.” — Well, that’s a damn shame. You really ouhght to know the surroundings before you take a step.

“Take a step? What are you talking about?” — Oh I see, you haven’t learned how to walk yet.

Your vision starts to settle and you slowly try to compose yourself. You try to pace yourself to the source of the voice you keep hearing.

“ “ — You’re a fast learner aren’t ya? Look at you, already on both your feet. You’ll be going a long way, I tell ya.