Riders Type

  • Weekend Rider: A biker who rides on weekends once or twice a month
  • Breakfast Rider: A biker woh ride to Lavasa or Lonaval.
  • Publicity Rider: This is rare breed of bikers, Biker who rides only where he/she get media/social media attention. You never gonna see them riding you can spot them on photos instead.
  • Sticker Rider: This you can spot anywhere they will have more funky sticker that will say that he is biker.
  • कौतुक (can’t phrase it english kind of show off) rider: the rider who will ride once in while but posts of the ride will continues till he die.
  • The Rider: he is explore free bird ride whenever he wants true soul hardly posts on social media never worried about attention. He just rides.
  • Group Rider: the biker you never gonna spot solo.