Who are we !??

A funny question but a serious one to think about . When we were born our parents gave us a name ever since then we’re in a series of relations like to our parents we’re their children to some we’re brothers/sisters , uncle , nephew , husband/wife and to some we’re friends , foes , idols , teachers and loads of other things .

So these relations make the question even tough like you’re the same person but everyone addresses you differently behaves with you differently . Some show you love , some hatred and some sympathy or apathy and some show you attitude and by that we go through a series of emotions in ourselves as we’re sad , happy , stressed , zealous , pride and other range of emotions . It means we’re so dependent on everyone up to a extent that what others express has a effect on us . Why does this happen !? Coz of dependability !? Or else we cover ourselves in a false cloak saying “ hey come on we’re humans and we’re social beings this things are bound to happen ”

And we aren’t just dependent on relations there are many other things And if we see it that way on us we take pride in many things like suppose you make a “ morning tea ” and luckily it tastes good and your parents or friends give you praises for it and “WE ”just swell up in pride see no one can make such awesome TEA like I do and if someone else claims he/she can make TEA better then you “ then that comes to our pride ” But have you ever asked yourself that did my make the sugar , tea leaves myself !?. Did I fill in the gas in that cylinder !? Did I make the vessel !? To all this we only have one answer that is “ NO ” . Yet we take PRIDE in that simple assembling task that we did . Unaware that the same people who are praising us for that TEA will also say when things go wrong stating “ what you can’t even do such a simple task of making TEA ”

And “ wow ” by that our EGO and PRIDE shatters as if the Olympus has fallen . Same way nature throws at us lots of things to break our EGO or PRIDE but no we just stick dearly to it WHY !??

Shouldn’t we think it in a way that “ WHAT ARE WE ” Suppose we take pride in our strength we should remember those days when we were ill and couldn’t even get up . Where did that strength go then !??? In short if things were to happen by you they will happen by your hand be it good or bad . But the minute we get involved in that . That’s when “ dependability ”takes us for a ride and if it gifted you good today surely it’ll slap you bad someday

So ever wondered how can we get away from this “ dependability ” The answer lies in the question that was asked earlier WHAT ARE WE !?

Our parents gave us a name and by that we were known before that what were we !?? That name which was given to us becomes our root cause of PRIDE and EGO someone says good to you then it’s great if someone says bad your emotions go haywire

So to solve this why don’t we take our life as a play or like in the movies or theater . A guy is playing a role of a King and a girl is playing a role of his Queen . On screen they take the audience for a ride and show bonding , affection care and even jealousy , hatred and other emotions to show us a brilliant movie or a Play . So after the Play or movie ends do the guy and girl behave similarly as they behaved earlier !?.

Answer would be NO right !?? They were just given a role which they played and finished end of story other day a different role a different story

So to those who’re wandering how does it link “ our lives are also similar to those actors ” But problem with us is we get to attached to our role

Once we figure this out that everything is just a PLAY in which we’ve been given characters to play a role of and if we just stick to playing that role and not involving ourselves into it would solve lots of our major sorrows .

And also understand another thing not to take PRIDE in ourselves as to I did this , I did that we should make ourselves understand rather it happened coz it was just bound to happen I was just a part of it . That way We’ll reduce our PRIDE , EGOS and Sorrows and have a awesome life

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