A friend of mine passed away of Dengue. He was a school friend, good guy, a person giving full justice to the life he had!

Some say that – if they knew that the last time they met was the “last” time, they would have done things differently. To my misfortune, I don’t even remember the last time we talked. There wasn’t even a thought to plan a meet, to talk to him. Social networks keep people at a reading distance so you know they are doing well. That does the job of keeping them in loop, right? I always carried the thought in me that someday ahead in our lives we would be crossing roads(literally), and we would catch up. That is never going to happen now. This thought is excruciating. And this is what is disturbing me.

A news of death is cruel. It keeps hitting you periodically and on each occasion, it shatters you with almost the same intensity. And you feel that this is not going to stop any sooner. But, they say “time” heals all. Well, it is the same “time” that kills us all.

I made a vow today. I would never ever sleep on being undone about anyone; including me. There is no tomorrow!

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