A walk with her

On warm Saturday morning around 5 ‘o clock my phone started ringing .It was my pro buddy as in professionals friend .We all have such kind of people in our lives. We had started to go for jogging for few days.

I know it was decided from WhatsApp conversation with her for meeting but I was not quite sure she actually going made it as we planned such kind of meeting over and over again but none them happened. During chatting with her on morning she once texted “if I say no” and that was enough to confirm the uncertainty but another couple of texts suggested I may stand a chance. So I moved out picked my buddy .We reached to zoo in no time. She had said me to call when I ll be there and that was another brave step I got to make. Somehow I managed to call her . When I first heard her voice …it was such a goddess sensation my ear had ever received. She told me to wait outside the gate no. 2 so I did that,roaming around the gate and then she appeared .I couldn’t believe my own eyes. She was in front of me waving and smiling. I thought it was just a dream and I would find my self lying in bed that got me cold for while. So to confirm reality I offered her handshake and she gently handshaked I was dragged back to the moment,all this happening was real .

We then took a walk .a long one I would say. It was an awkward situations . We both don’t know what to say to each other . Someone have to break the silence ,I choose to be the one. We were walking ,avoiding eye contact and sharing some foolish small talk which if a bystander will heard might choked to death due laughter. It was me who do most of talking but I guess this was her nature .As we walk along ,I figured she had come here after long time cause she seemed bit astonished to surroundings. Although we had walking and talking but it was all don’t seem complete at all. We both had some kind of space between us .now that our long walk had come to an end. I don’t know when I will meet her again .

But whatever happens this element of happiness will stay in my heart forever