How Can Apps Make Your Travel Experience Better In Indian Railway?

Easy to use and quick, these mobile apps make your experience of traveling in trains better. Let us have a look at how mobile apps benefit the passengers.

1. Check PNR status

As railways are still the most popular form of transport for long journeys in India, it is not always possible to get a confirmed ticket for your booking. You need to regularly check the PNR status of your ticket to know the status of your booking. Rather than checking the IRCTC website or calling the support department of the railways, you can easily check the PNR status on your phone with these mobile apps. Moreover, some of the top apps also predict the PNR status to allow you to take timely decisions.

2. Fare calculator

There are multiple classes in trains like Tier 1 AC, Tier 2 AC, Tier 3 AC, Sleeper, Chair Car, Seating, etc. With the help of the mobile app, you can not only check PNR status and train status but also know the fare of all the different classes for any particular train. Special fares that apply to senior citizens and children’s can also be checked instantly. Apart from the fare, you can also view the cancellation charges if you want to cancel a ticket and the refund amount that you’ll receive after cancellation.

3. Know the train status

Even if you have a confirmed booking, what if the train is canceled or delayed? You certainly do not want to reach the station only to know that the train is canceled or would arrive late. With the help of mobile apps, you can also check the status of the train. Even if you are already on a train, you can check its status and schedule offline. This will keep you informed about when your status would arrive and also helps in saving battery as the app doesn’t require an internet connection to check the train running status.

4. Check seat availability

The apps can also be used to check the seat availability of your preferred train. You can also check the confirmation chances of your ticket and if at all the ticket is not confirmed, the app also suggests other trains for which you can get confirmed tickets. Users can check seat availability of trains for the next four months and can also check the seat availability calendar along with a detailed list of train fare.

5. Order food in train

If you are already on a train, you can use the mobile app to order delicious and hygienic food. You’ll get to select from a wide range of options and the stations at which you can get the food delivered to you right on your seat. In case if a train is running late, passengers can also get in touch with the customer care to inform them about the same.

While the quality of service by Indian Railways has significantly improved in the past few years, the comfort and convenience can be significantly improved with the help of mobile apps. With a host of features, like check train PNR status, fare calculator, train status, etc. and a user-friendly design, these apps are a must for every train journey.

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