Know Why Film Editing is Important in Films?

Jan 12, 2018 · 3 min read

“We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies.” — Walt Disney

The above quote sum up the passion filmmakers/editors have for their art. A good film editor should have the clarity, intuition and a vision of how the characters will portray their emotions and how it is going to affect their audiences.

Film making is a process that includes multiple aspects such as storytelling, direction, screenplay, cinematography, the casting of actors, location of the shoot, best film editing and deciding on the budget, etc.

Many times, film making is synonymous with editing, but all editors may not be film-makers. The whole process of creating a film from scratch entails a lot of passion for establishing that connect with the audiences through the creative expression of storytelling. If you have that emotion and creative instinct in you, then a career in film making is what you should be looking at.

What is the importance of a film editor in the film industry?

India is the most significant producer of films. With tremendous growth and increased demand for the visual medium, the need for highly skilled filmmakers and editors has also sky-rocketed.

To merely state a film editor can be the difference between a cinematic disaster and a film production which is an absolute pleasure to watch. A great editor should have the ability to pull off the audience to a level where they are fully immersed in the film. It should give them a feeling that they are watching the movie unfolding in front of them. A film editor can make or break a movie.

Here are a few points that further justify why a film editing course or study is vital for a career in films:

  1. Pace

All of us have seen very slow movies, where the storyline is dragged merely. It can be because of bad acting or a flop storyline, but the slow pace of the film also depends on inappropriate editing. Good editing can help a movie move at a good pace suiting the story and establishing a proper engagement with its audiences.

2) Editing for a good shot

When scenes are edited well emotions, tensions and mystery can be colligated in the right shot. Good editing can turn a sad scene into a high-voltage drama showing the emotions in full light.

3) Continuity

For a show to move forward in the following form, a skilled film editor is required to pull it off quickly. There should be a logical sequence of the shots- a beginning, a middle and the end. The editor should take the pieces of the puzzle and place them in a way which is seamless.

4) Bloopers

There is an entire website where film critics have pointed out the crew members stepping into the frame, or the background imagery is not in place. Although it is difficult to find a minor error in the frame, a talented film editor can quickly do this job. A trained eye and frame-by-frame analysis is all an editor needs to make the movie look good.

So now you know the importance of a film editor and how it helps in creating a successful career in the film industry.

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