Why Piers Morgan could not have been more wrong in his comparison of Ali and Trump

The 3rd of June, 2016 would come to be marked as a very sad day in sporting and life history as it saw the passing of one of its legends. Muhammad Ali, 74, breathed his last on Friday after a 32 year battle with Parkinsons. Considered to be one of the greatest sportsman of all-time, if not the greatest! Ali’s popularity and folklore was driven more so by his personality, outspokenness and his undying courage. Ali used the media for his personal benefit as well as to highlight everything wrong about America/World at his time.

Tributes and messages have been flowing in honour of Ali since his death was announced and they continue to flood Social Media.

While praises heap in from all sides for the great one, there happen to be a few who disagree with god-like status being bestowed upon Ali. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, there was a certain twitter-celeb who decided to take it one step further by comparing Ali to Republican-nominee, Donald Trump.

Egregious tweets and columns from a personality such as Piers Morgan although not uncommon, usually tend to go unnoticed. But, after publishing a glorifying column about Ali, and proclaiming him to be the greatest of all time, Morgan stormed up Twitter following this tweet.

Ali supporter or not, the degree of insensitivity that lies in passing such a statement, hours after pedestalling him and the world was mourning his loss, cannot be understated. A fair argument can be made in Ali himself being an expert on making the most of the wide-cast attention for blatant self-promotion. And while Ali himself would not have a care in the world for people who took a jab at him ( Also, it’s Piers Morgan), this is so deeply untrue and needs to be laid to rest before it picks up further and drives towards Morgan’s next bonus.

Let’s put into perspective the situations through which both parties have expressed their radical views:

Ali was an active boxer in a time where the civil rights movement was in full flow. These were times where Blacks were not allowed to go to the same schools, toilets as the whites. Ali was born Cassius Clay, a Christian. 3 days after successfully representing his country in the 1962 Rome Olympics, Ali came home — a proud American. Wearing his medal he walked into a restaurant, expecting to be lauded for what he had achieved. Instead, he was greeted by the manager and was declined service. And why? Because they had a serve no Negro policy. This is one such story off many. His conversion to Islam brought him more ire and when he refused to serve the army for the war in Vietnam, he was stripped of his title and banned by the WBA(World Boxing Association). Losing 3 years of his prime. He remained undeterred and continued fighting for what he believed in — Equality. This is the context and the times through which Ali made said remarks against the so-called socially superior white-folk.

And on the other end of the ring, you have an arrogant white male, who inherited a fortune and never faced any hardship or loss because of his skin colour. Reverse Racism is real and a burning issue, but Mr. Donald has faced no hindrance or lack of opportunities due to the same. The only racism Donald Trump has come face to face with is if and when he looks back at tapes of his interviews and speeches.

Here you have a man who is using race as basis to his propaganda to divide people further, profess islam-o-phobia, and build walls. Whatever he says or does is of no benefit to anyone, except him. Incompetency based on race is unheard of but, as you can clearly see in this interview of Mr. Drumpf, he thinks otherwise.


Trumps racial transgressions can be probably made into a Mini-series/ Tv Movie and is a discussion that can be saved for another day, the issue spirals back to Mr. Morgans words. And you couldn’t have been more wrong Sir. You could probably try, but your stupidity has finally reached its peak

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