Types of satta matka in India

Types of satta matka in India

Satta matka is a lottery game played in India. It was introduced from the cotton transmitted from New York Cotton Exchange. After the independence of India it was connected with the Mumbai Cotton Exchange market. During those days it was also called as fingures gambling. In about 1960 the game got a new change and it was associated with the generation of random numbers. So, the random numbers were generated and all the random numbers were written on the small piece of papers. The small pieces of paper were placed in the large earthen pitcher and in the end a random slip was picked and the owner of that game was declared as winner. Over the years the practice changed and it was connected with generating three random numbers. The winner of that game is called as satta king. Satta king is the owner of whole money.

Rattan Khatri gave the idea of declaring opening and closing rates of imaginary products. . Officially that game is not allowed in India. During the flourishing of textile mills in Mumbai , lot of workers take part in that game . So in a very short time lot of bookies opened near the mill area and Mumbai became the hub of satta matka http://sattamatkatips.net/ .

It is said that the decades of 80’s and 90’s was the peak of that game. The revenue of that game goes to Rs.500 crore per month. After that the Mumbai police took action against all these bookies and then the downfall of that game started. In the year of 1995 almost 2000 bookies were in the city but after that it decreased to 300. As a result many bookies left Mumbai and went to other places of country and spread satta matka tips in other places in this way that game spread at whole of India.

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