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Rohov Dmytro
Connecting concepts in a meaningful way. Looking for truth that will be surprising today and obvious tomorrow.

I need to exclude specific posts from displaying in production in my blog build with Gatsby and mark them as drafts during development. I will describe how to achieve this goal so you can do this too in less than 5 minutes.

This post is a part of «10 Better with Gatsby» series where I share my personal experience on tuning and tweaking Gatsby.

The End Result

Have you ever used timers to enhance your workflow? I have. Setting time boundaries works for me quite well but managing timers is not that pleasant.

It was the case until I found a much better way to support my productivity with a home automation setup!

This post is a part of series where I’m sharing my experience about building great habits around coding, productivity, focus, journaling, health and many more using time boundaries. You can check them out to steal my experience.

Worth noting

My first attempts to make the Pomodoro Technique work for me were quite a struggle. But that taught me a lot! And eventually led to building great habits around coding, journaling, eating healthier and many-many more. Surprisingly, Pomodoro even muscled me up! These are the topics I am covering in my Pomodoro Series. You can check them out to steal my experience.

For now I am going to share my first experience following the Pomodoro Technique. And in the beginning it was not great. At all.

My shortened list of struggles with Pomodoro

Struggle to stop

This would be a quick personal story about how I got better with my habits.

In 2018 I truly realised how important habits are. And what helped me a lot to have a progress was my bullet journal. But… no checkmarks and streaks! No, it was different.

All I was doing was simply writing things like:

— «Feeling sad waking up early in the
— «Feeling good about doing pushups» (although is was only 5 of them :))
— «Feeling sad at failing to communicate»

And so on.

Why does it work?

Rohov Dmytro

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