New Idea

I am rethinking my idea on my project. I am considering doing option one, about my first year experiences and then maybe tying in the sorority and the cost and how that is struggling for me. Because I do not think I will have enough information let alone interesting information to keep the people who watch it intruigued. I am still going to incorrporate a lot of things and pieces about my sorority. I have been thinking and I think this is a much better route.

I will be taking a lot of pictures. I have a lot of good ones with new people that I have met. I can then have a voice going over pictures. I want to show all of the new people I have met and all of the troubles I am having too. I am recently feeling very homesick so I may have some time where I put pictures of my family and animals and my old friends and explain why and how I am feeling.

These are two of my best friends from highschool. Ingrid (left) is currently my roommate. I know she doesn’t miss home like I do, but I think she does miss it too. I will probably interview her. I will also ask her questions about our sorority (we are in the same one) because I want to tie pieces of that into my video as well. Hannah (right) goes to Concordia and goes home about every weekend. I definately will interview her because I know that she knows how I am feeling. I may also ask her what her ideas about sororities are and why she didn’t decide to be in one.

This week I honestly haven’t done much for my video. I am getting a camera from my dad this weekend to start taking tapes of people. I’m going to ask them about their first year, what they have been doing, what they are enjoying, and what they aren’t. I will then relate it to mine. I am going to try to find things I have in common with a lot of students and things I don’t have in common. I think it will add a good part to my video. Right after I get the camera, I’m going to interview my roommtes. Hopefully they will all let me. I have 3 others so that will be a good start.

So recently I have been thinking about commuting. I have been going home pretty often, at least two times a week and almost every sunday. I get my homework done better at my house or at places around it. I feel more comfortable there and I feel much more productive. I am thinking about interviewing my parents. We have been talking a lot about me commuting next semester because it is such a big step. Although it is only a semester, it’s still 1/8th of my college experience and I’m not sure if I want to move home yet. With all of that being said, my parents in the video might add a nice outsiders perspective. They would have good ideas and opinions about my first year, but not necessarily coming from me.

Today is Monday and I will be going home Wednesday. I am excited to get home and do a lot more work on my project. I am going to bring a camera of some sort to my grandmothers and interview some family members.

Medium is so confusing. I have written things but they haven’t been posted. So here they are :

Today I took a video of myself for my video. I talked and explained how my parents have impacted my first year experience more than I expected. It was weird because the camera was from my computer so hopefully it turns out well.

Today I took most of my favorite high school photos and put them in the video. It was sad picking these pictures out because I had to go through so many photos. I have great memories from high school and I have great friends too. Hopefully I will make more amazing ones here.