Low Match Rates Are Killing Your Attribution Efforts

Advertising technology is one of the most BS industries that exist today. Every vendor claims to have Every feature, but then every day you hear announcements regarding a new “innovation”.

For 5 years I’ve led the product management team at Convertro, a leading marketing attribution solution (acquired by AOL for $101M in 2014). Over the years I’ve seen the industry change, mature and expand.

One of the critical requirements to “get attribution right” is: get the data right.

“Get the data right” is a nice slogan, but a major little-talked-about problem is how do you match between different sets of data.

The role of Match Rates In Data and Attribution

Take for example the case of matching offline sales to online activity:

Matching CRM data With Online Activity

How is this done in reality? Here’s a simplified view:

How to Connect Different Types Of Data

So the third party is usually in charge of matching IDs and connecting between offline and online activities.

What happens if there’s very low match rate?

You get very nuanced data and you are unable to draw conclusions for attribution.

In conclusion, if you want to get attribution right, first make sure that you get the data right. If you want to get the data right, ask your vendors how they plan to match IDs.