Predominantly millennial workforce, proactively handling satisfaction and growth… on a startup budget.

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My cocktail of work experience has opened a lot of doors for me recently. Seems there aren’t a bunch of developer relations people who’ve gotten to work on talent and recruitment and I’m starting to appreciate the two polarities of having both a candidate perspective and a recruiter perspective.

Shortlist one of the leading talent service providers recently released their employer branding report and the #employergoals list as voted by 1200 Kenyan professionals on their database and I got the opportunity to sit on a panel with the talent leads from Coca Cola, Andela and Safaricom, all of who featured…

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November 25th was a great day for the Western Kenya tech community with DevFest Western going on in Kisumu! I got the amazing privilege of having a session addressing the topic “Increasing visibility for women in technology”. I thought this was super interesting for me because I had done significant research on African feminism and I have always felt that it was significant in the challenges that face women in tech. This lead me into revisiting African Studies and rabbit-holed into a presentation titled “Just the Beginning: In history we see the future”. …

Roina Ochieng

Product Manager at Sendy . Currently writing about Product, African Feminism, Talent, Scala, Kotlin, Java and Flutter.

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