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Rojhan Paydar 2017 @ Ryerson University

Alright y’all, this is an emotional one.

This picture was taken three years ago today. Facebook reminded me of the journey that nearly made me give up on doing any more schooling. The journey that made me believe I was destined for a lifetime of unfulfilling roles and being treated like crap by employers, employees, and customers. I couldn’t pass anything no matter how hard I tried, so this is my fault, and it’s what I deserve…. right?

So let’s rewind. Three years ago I started a university journey that ended with me feeling crushed, hopeless, and incapable of completing an education. …


Rojhan Paydar

Front-end web developer 👩‍💻 fitness 🏋️ art 🎨 health 🥑 memes 🤙🏼 (she/her) @devshelpingdevs

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