Stop Doomscrolling. Start Studying.

A moving image of a hand swiping up on a phone, scrolling endlessly
Giphy: What is doomscrolling? The name pretty much says it all; you scroll endlessly on social media.

I get it.

Whether we want to admit it or not, the problem is that it’s hard to get off whichever social platform you’re fondest of, and convince yourself to go back to your homework.

It’s okay to think it out. Think with a friend, or think on your own. Thinking is A-OKAY! :)

(Mini back story, scroll down for the TL;DR)

TL;DR: I was addicted to online networking.

Now here is what I discovered worked for me, and what I can offer you today.

Through trial and error, I discovered new tools that I used daily to see what worked, and what didn’t work. Below are my favourite tools, and how I use them to stay on track everyday:

Tiimo App

How it works:

  • Individually select the activities that are placed on your schedule. They should be highlighted grey.
  • Select the “routines” tab on the right side bar.
  • Click the button “Create new routine”
  • Give a title to your routine (ex. My Study Routine, or My Daily Routine) and save it by clicking the “Create routine” button.
  • Click on the blue “ + “ circular button. A slide up menu will appear.
  • Select “Routines”
  • On the top right corner, you will see a blue button titled “Create routine”. Click on the “Create routine” button.
  • Next you will see your activities, and can select or deselect activities that you would like to make into a routine. When you are done, select the blue “Save routine” button located at the bottom right.
  • A prompt will ask you to fill in a name for the routine. After you give it a title, select “Create routine” for the routine to save.

Tiimo pros:

  • Colourful icons: You can choose what icons and background colour it has. Makes me think about my schedule more, and I like that it’s customizable.
  • Descriptive Activities: You can prep your activities by adding comments that are specific to what you need to do. Example: plan your meals in advance by writing down what you want to eat the day before, or write specific subjects or lessons that you’re studying. This process makes your day a lot more automatic. You’ll have room to do so much more with all the time you save.
  • Current activity progress bar: On the mobile version I can see how far along I am for my “current activity”.
  • More on activity progress bars: If you finish an activity early, you can “end early” and either start the next activity. You can also choose to give yourself some extra time to do anything you want in-between.
  • The routines: the routines have been AMAZING! I have a daily routine, a weekend routine and I even set up a routine called a “burnout” routine. Burnout days are inevitable, so if I have a bad mental health day and need to recover, I am following some sort of structure to my day to make sure I am taking care of myself, and recovering. That way, I’m supporting myself instead of diving into unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Tiimo cons:

  • The notifications don’t always go through: This is problematic because as someone with ADHD, I hyper focus on my tasks and sometimes I forget to do something that was planned out (and by the time I realize it’s too late). This unfortunately has happened often, and for a paid service, I would expect this to work. Thankfully, I am thinking about my schedule regularly and find that it works for me! I also have a long term habit of setting up important Google calendar events so I will be notified no matter what. (Always have a backup plan)

Focus To-Do App

These last tips are short but sweet:

  • Accountability Buddy: Get an accountability buddy! Set up goals with them, meet weekly at the same time, and share what you have learned during that time. This can be someone you met online who you trust and have a relationship with, or if you come from a bootcamp or school environment, reach out to your classmate and see if they’re interested.
  • Put your phone on DO NOT DISTURB mode, and keep that thing away from you! I know it’s hard, but if your phone is in a spot that you can’t reach with the notifications off, it’s much easier to get your work done.
  • Remove the most TEMPTING apps off your phone. For me, that’s Twitter. I removed the app from my home page, and every time I have the itch to check, I open up the wrong app and remind myself to put down the phone and do something else. Whether that's studying, or reading a book, just get away from your phone at that point.
  • Remind yourself that you are doing yourself no good by doomscrolling and comparing yourself to others all day. People will share their successes, their wins, their feats. Most people can be happy for someone while equally feeling like they haven’t done enough, which of course can affect your mental health. Try having a STICKY NOTE on your laptop that reminds you to get back to studying, or honouring breaks that you promised yourself. Once those intrusive thoughts break into your head, take a step away from the social media.
  • Close all social media desktop tabs, AND turn off your slack / discord notifications. IT. CAN. WAIT. And if someone can’t respect that, you don’t need that kind of energy in your life! The betterment of your mental health and education is so important!
  • Stay within your window for studying. Sure, you could go for an extra five hours, but should you? For general studying, no. You want to start small, and build gradually. It’s all about the small steps that help you reach your goals. If you said you’re going to aim for 2 hours of studying per day, let it be that. You’ll have a better understanding of what you’re learning, even if the pace is slower.

Front-end web developer 👩‍💻 fitness 🏋️ art 🎨 health 🥑 memes 🤙🏼 (she/her) @devshelpingdevs

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Rojhan Paydar

Rojhan Paydar

Front-end web developer 👩‍💻 fitness 🏋️ art 🎨 health 🥑 memes 🤙🏼 (she/her) @devshelpingdevs

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