SWIPE: decentralized application for mobile phones

What is a SWIPE
Decentralized application for mobile phones, providing a more complete set of opportunities for developers using a set of marketing tools. In turn, blocking technology realizes the idea that the data of each anonymous user can be monetized, and openly and fairly. Developers, getting more data from their application, can improve the quality of its work and in an accelerated pace to solve the problems.

What problems does SWIPE solve?
In order to provide a complete picture of user data, all data from applications must be decentralized, but the process is slow, as it is not so easy to do:

Lack of trust between the data source and the buyer. There is no guarantee that you will not become a victim of fraudulent activities. A centralized model of intermediate data monopolized by large companies like Acxiom and Epsilon. Due to lack of incentive, data sources do not compensate for their data. Lack of trust between data sources. Increasingly there are congestion of data through applications. How does SWIPE work? With the application, users can interact with content even on the locked mobile phone screen. Owners of tokens will be able to participate in polls, application installations and much more. The block-platform data is processed by the advanced analytics engine, and therefore the information will always be updated in real time. ![](

) Terms ICO Information on the ICO SWIPE on the official website and technical document is not present, only when requesting information from the chat in the Telegram, the administrator replied that the marker metrics will be released when the token generation event (TGE) comes near and asked to follow the news of the project. :) Token : Swipe Type: ERC20 Periods of sale and the price of the token have not yet been announced, which introduces an additional intrigue. :) Advantages of the project Through encryption using blocking technology, it will be possible to safely store and manage the personal data of each user. User consent will allow the service to monitor confidentiality and data exchange policies. “Smart” agreement will allow to distribute the reward among users. Plus, this action will be completely transparent. Re-encryption of data occurs at the time of authorization to transmit data. They are encrypted to access the requestor. Partners Large companies invest in the project and cooperate with it, as they see the potential and the need for a platform.

The most experienced people from different fields who worked for Adtech, as well as in R & D. They have many years of experience in marketing and business operations. Chief Executive Officer is Clifford Lim.

Prospects for development
Mobile phones are changing every day and complement our way of life with applications and other tools. Revenues from the most popular applications have exceeded 85 billion dollars, but companies and developers still face problems in terms of understanding users and monetizing applications. SWIPE is the first and the most confident project, which already from the start surprises users.

Considering the number of advantages and features, the SWIPE block-platform can become the most useful platform at the moment. The decentralization of the data will provide a more complete picture of the user, about his past transactions. Transparency of actions will avoid fraud during monetization and data exchange. Users will appreciate the fair distribution of awards. An excellent feature of the platform is the introduction of its own interesting content by users. At the right time and in the right place, anyone can make an adjustment to the content. In turn, the developers of the application will be content with the reward for participating in advertising and data exchange.

In my opinion, the project deserves attention. Although he has not yet built an ICO plan, this is compensated not only by the team and several important features, but also by partners who accurately see the development potential of this site. Given the number of experienced team members, problems with the project will be solved almost instantly. It remains only to wait for the moment when the SWIPE platform will be put into operation.

Official links to the SWIPE project:
Website: https://swipecrypto.com
Whitepaper: https://swipecrypto.com/docs/SWIPE_whitepaper_rev1.0.pdf

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