A Brand New Realm For Messaging Apps

Take control of your message and dare to meddle with the primal forces of Nature

Way back in 2011, Celly launched with the belief that there is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change the world. To reverse social, economic, and technological trends toward consolidation in social media. Five years later, Celly’s mission remains the same — to provide a next-generation messaging platform that:

  1. Adapts to the diversity of sharing patterns, privacy policies, and social applications encountered in everyday life.
  2. Raises the bar for artistic expression.
  3. Delivers prospective message alerts rather than unwanted spam supplanting traditional display advertising with opt-in based targeting and user discovery.
  4. Harnesses the power and ubiquity of mobile devices to enhance the privacy, serendipity, relevance, and richness of group communication. (After all, we named our company Celly, short for Cellphone because we believe so much in the disruptive power of mobile phones).

Today Celly is excited and proud to announce our next giant step in this journey: our new messaging platform called Realm.

Realm lets you automatically — no programming required — generate your own stand-alone, branded messaging apps for your school, business, event, movement, or organization.

Realm is a comprehensive white-label service which means you can now create your own secure and fully-personalized instance of Celly, the same messaging platform already trusted by millions of people.

Realm features include:

100% Branding

Just enter your app details and Realm does all the heavy-lifting and deploys your own native messaging apps to the app stores where your members can find your app easily.

You can customize your messaging apps with your own name, launch icon, color schemes, and copy. Realm also creates your own custom website and even text messaging phone number. You can send group alerts, private messages, photos, file attachments, reminders, polls, surveys. There are tons of optional messaging features that can be enabled depending on your application.

Realm easily transforms your organization’s email domain into your own messaging realm — ideal for teams who want to control their own messaging experience or take the Slack out of their organization ;-), replacing it with their own private, branded messaging platform.


Unlike Facebook, WhatsApp, Slack, Instagram, etc., Realm is designed from scratch with first-class support for geolocation.

Realm lets you broadcast your message to nearby people. Every Realm includes geolocation information. So you can beacon out your Realm via Bluetooth LE, WiFi, or GPS. Nearby people can then discover your Realm and join your group, event, or conversation.

Groups (aka “cells”) within your Realm can optionally be configured with geolocation to act like virtual beacons. No need to purchase dedicated beacon hardware. This is great for attracting people to particular venues/sub-locations/rooms within your Realm like virtual tradeshow booths or areas of festival activity.

Realm lets you optionally track members by location too. Your members can opt to send geotagged messages to transmit their location to fellow members. Sharing presence information with fellow team members is great for remote/field-based activities and organizations.

You can even add Internet-Of-Things (IOT) devices just like people to your Realm via our Realm API. Devices can then signal people or even communicate with other devices.

Finally, to lock-down messaging to a particular geolocation, your Realm can be partitioned by geofences. Geofences allow only people within the geofence to send/receive ambient messages.

In summary, with Realm’s geolocation features your organization or event might create your own local, non-anonymous Yik Yak or Tinder for Topics messaging experiences.


Realm can help bootstrap your organization or cause with built-in crowdfunding. Fundraising for your organization builds predictable revenue for your cause. Realm fundraising works via SMS, web, and Apple Pay.

Source Code

Realm’s codebase is available to subscribers enabling you to maintain, optionally self-host, and extend your Realm with your own custom features.

Our long term goal is to completely open source Realm once we build a critical mass for a Realm developer community. If you are interested in helping us curate and bootstrap an open source Realm messaging community, please contact realmdev@cel.ly


Realm starts at $1K per month. This includes iPhone and Android native apps, website, and text messaging apps, platform upgrades, bugfixes, and continuous app deployment and maintenance.

We have made Realm as affordable as possible. Realm leverages cloud hosting and automated app deployment and management tools. Shards are reliably hosted on Amazon Web Services, and we’ve handled automation from your app customization specification to deployment and on-going maintenance. A few manual steps are still required to service your apps, but our ultimate goal is to automate all processes involved with continuous deployment, integration, and maintenance of your messaging apps. In the future, as Realm automation continues to improve, operational costs will decrease so pricing can become even more affordable!

For a fraction (less than a tenth) of the yearly cost of a Senior Engineer, we hope you view Realm as a great IT investment, providing your organization with the benefits of mobile communication with your own branded, state-of-the-art messaging apps.


Realm is your chance to flip the balance of power in the media landscape and meddle with the primordial forces of Nature.

Instead of plutonomy where an ever-shrinking minority of walled-garden social media behemoths control your messaging apps — and usurp market hegemony with limitless R&D budgets — Realm lets you take control of your own message to usher in new worlds with new rules and new possibilities. Worlds unencumbered by for-profit surveillance. Worlds where your organization owns and controls your conversations to unlock new markets. Worlds where your keen insight, hard work, and talent upend industry incumbents.

Ultimately, we hope Realm gives you and your organization brand sovereignty.

Identity. Agency. Scale. Capacity. Competitiveness. And the power to self-assemble into private, autonomous groups where you control your own message on your own devices and grow your cause into a movement.

Build your Realm!

Carpe Terram!

Team Celly

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