Well, here goes my foray into the world of meaningful online thought. I’m currently halfway through my third year of university education. When compared to the lovely little timeline I produced in high school civics class, it appears that I am about one year behind schedule. I’m behind becauase in my first year of university, despite having a great time, I felt completely lost. I had no idea what I wanted to do.

Zero clue.

This was commonplace though, and it seemed like there were simply more structural contingencies put in place by academic counselling to help sort out this kind of thing. The issue with these structures was that they simply made my confusion more scheduled, akin to being on time for a train without knowing where it was going. This is the point where I decided to cross that yellow line at the train station, jump the tracks, and be okay with being late for the next train. I decided to figure out what I wanted to do, no matter what it cost me in the short term.

The short term cost materialized as some pretty undesirable course marks (what put me behind schedule). It hurt me at the time, but it gave me the chance to narrow my focus, find out what I was really passionate about, and move forward from there. In second year my performance improved significantly, and I established a close group of friends that I value more than anything. Now, halfway through my third year, I’ve found a company (and subsequent culture) that I’m passionate about. I’ve acted upon the opportunities granted by both my friends and career aspirations, and I can only see things improving from here.

Just remember that sometimes its worth being a little behind. You’ll go into things slightly more prepared, and you may have just worked out the kinks in your high school civics timeline.

It feels like I’m going to catch the right train this time.

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