We magnify the Lord for your life dear Saint. What an honour to be sharing with you this life changing message! Am sure you’re your destiny is going to be realigned.

Romans 14:22 Hast thou faith? Have it to thyself before God. Happy is he that condemneth not himself in that thing which he alloweth.

The context of this scripture was in regard to food. Men were debating on which foods were clean and which ones were unclean. After the ascension of Jesus Christ, He tells Peter, “Slay and eat!” He further tells him not to call common what He has made clean. Nevertheless, some believers at the time had not yet understood this revelation and therefore were easily stumbled by those that ate certain foods.

In my subject today, I will not delve into foods but will get you to something very profound. When I was younger, I loved to go to the presence of God. I went to church almost daily during my holidays. I saw some believers raising up holy hands diligently on a daily basis and serving God in various capacities. As I observed some of these believers over the years, nothing seemed to change. I could have been limited in my observation but that is what I saw. I began wondering as a little boy, why this was so! My faith begun to be shaken a little bit. I could not take in the fact that there was an individual somewhere who was diligently seeking God and yet their lives never seemed to improve. The poor seemed to remain poor. There were, however, a couple of individuals who seemed to be doing well especially the Senior Pastor. My heart kept pondering on why it were a few that seemed to make it while others struggled. Was God a respecter of persons? If He was, could I be lucky to be among those he respects? If luck were never on my side, what was I to do to earn His respect? In all that I was sowing to know God, was I at one time going to reap or were my efforts likely to be in vain? To be very honest, the testimonies of certain people cast doubts on my faith in God. The simple little answer I got from the Lord at the time was, “Son, don’t look on those for whom it is not working! Focus on the testimony of those for whom things are working!”

In another twist, one dear sister of mine testified to me of a Man of God that had mentored her at one point in life. Every time she looked at that man, she fell in love with God. This man literally carried her from her baby steps in Christianity; from the time of her salvation. He showed her many things in God. This man prophesied wonderful things upon her life a couple of which had already come to pass. She was grounded in God by this man. Things, however, started changing at one point. The man of God started to have affairs with members of his church. Nobody believed it. Everybody trusted him and disregarded such rumors as malicious lies. Overtime, the reality of what this man had become began hitting their faces but no one wanted to believe it. Oh, how they loved him! They wished it were lies. They observed as he started to disrespect his wife in front of church members, then he began to smoke, to drink, to buy prostitutes and so forth. It went from bad to worse. His wife later on decided to divorce him. The dear sister who narrates the story tells me that her mentor started making sexual advances towards her. She was devastated by this experience. She did not know what to do with her Pastor; she felt confused and betrayed. The church started to waste away as the once large congregation started to seek refuge for their souls. My dear sister and her friends keep asking themselves what could have gone wrong with their pastor. Oh! How they had safely trusted in him! He had nurtured them from childhood. He had taught them all the spiritual values they had, many of which they still hold up to today. What a mess! How were they supposed to trust any other preacher after this experience?

Allow me give you one more scenario. Many people admire certain anointed men and women of God. These men seem to have it all together. Sometimes they seem to be lacking in one area but it almost goes unnoticed because of the overwhelming success in the other areas. He could have a large ministry but he is not yet married. He might have a large ministry, is married but has not yet gotten children or, he might have everything going well for him except that his wife has divorced him. Some believers will be quietly asking themselves why certain things are not yet fixed in their man or woman of God’s life and this could begin casting some level of doubt on their faith. For some men and women of God, it might be that all areas of their lives seem to be glorious and nothing seems to be missing on the outside. However, it might be that they are battling certain frustrations on the inside which they never tell anybody! It might be a quiet sickness, a nagging wife, a wayward child and so forth. They just never tell you but it is there. Because of faith, they have learned to front testimonies and not shortcomings. Many saints would admire these men and women of God so much that they wish they were in their positions. Certainly speaking, if they were tasked to fit in these men’s shoes, many would reconsider their wish. The secret struggles that they have lived with for a while would squash you in a second.

Dear Saint, I paint these different scenarios for you to appreciate that life has presented many likelihoods for one to have their faith in God offended. Like the scriptural text I quote here says, have faith to thyself before God. There must be a certain independence about your faith. Your relationship with God and your faith in Him must be personal. Whereas it is great to be inspired by men and women of God, it must be only to the extent that they point you to Christ. As you observe certain testimonies that don’t seem to tally with what you believe, also consider that those particular individuals might not have obeyed the direction of God in a certain area of their lives. If you were in the same shoes, you probably would have obeyed. Why should your faith wither because of them? Have faith to thyself before God. Sometimes, it might be that God has designed certain things for a purpose. I am certain that if Jesus were living in our generation today, people would be asking themselves why He wasn’t dating any girl. The purpose of Jesus’ life just like Paul, Jeremiah and John the Baptist could not allow Him to marry. Why should your faith be offended because of that as though you are not called to marry? Have faith to thyself before God. What if certain inner frustrations are causing your man of God to stumble! Will you backslide because of him? Do you even know the cause of those frustrations? Since you don’t, have faith to thyself before God.

At the end of the day, we need to appreciate that everyone’s walk with God is personal and because of this every individual has certain secrets that are only between them and their God. It is them and their God who know why the divorce happened. Do not allow your faith to be shaken because of what is happening in the lives of men and women of God that you highly esteem. Have a certain independence to your faith. Don’t desire too much to be exactly like Prophet so and so. Honor them greatly and desire to partake of the anointing upon their lives but still maintain a certain independence about your relationship with God. It is Him that will never leave you nor forsake you. If you don’t understand what is happening in people’s lives, don’t get confused, just continue believing God and His word. It is Him that married you.

Dear Saint, have faith to thyself before God!

FOR FURTHER REFERENCE: Isaiah 51:2, John 10:28–29, John 15:16


Dear God I thank you for cherishing me as your own. I belong to you. Your word has healed me of the various offences I was having to my faith. Continue to establish in my spirit that my faith towards you is independent of what is occurring in other people’s lives. Continue to deal with all the secret fears and offences in my life. It is you Jehovah God that I married. I will run my race until I finish it. In the most revered name of Jesus Christ. Amen

Greetings from Sandie! Always remember that Christ in you is the Hope of Glory!