The Real Story of Automation Beginning with One Simple Chart
Scott Santens

Great, powerful and though-provoking post. The majority do not want to pay a special attention on robotics eating jobs because of only one reason: the automation is not the main cause of unemployment yet. But it will be. And very soon. Then we will see the governmental bodies and various social organizations thrashing around asking for some immediate solutions from the States.

However, the new economy empowered by the feasible and cost-efficient robotics will hardly collapse due to the enormous human unemployment. Those corporations and the centralized state entities who control money will easily accept such solutions as the universal basic income — it will cost them just a dime in comparison with the super profits from the automation. And they will represent it like a sign of social justice and a symbol of how the State cares about the citizens.

Can it really lift millions out of poverty? Is there any other way-out?

Along with AI and robotics another disruptive technology is evolving. The technology which creates jobs and extra income in contrast to the automation. The crypto economy empowered by blockchain offers numerous business opportunities to common people. Being an antagonist of the obsolete centralized approaches to employment, crypto suggests people not to seek out jobs. Instead it represents opportunities for new businesses and the so-called “job-irrelevant” incomes.

Let’s leave robots to screw nuts, extract oil, produce steel, build houses, plow fields — to do everything related to the real sector. Let them produce wealth for humans. It is better to explain people how to be involved in the new type of the decentralized crypto economy capable of sharing wealth with fat cats.

Instead of giving people a vague hope on the UBI sometime in the future (in any case it will be a miserable and complicated procedure allowing the majority just to make ends meet) it is better to teach them how to mine crypto, how to trade tokens at crypto exchanges, how to use blockchain for making money by establishing new tokenized businesses, how to join crypto anarchistic communities to provide the decentralized self-governance, how to be maximally independent from the State, and above all how to take responsibility for their own fate.

Nobody can stop the technological evolution. Nothing can prevent industries from the total robotics domination. No obsolete economical approach is able to protect the growing global population against the impoverishment. No any guarantee that the crypto economy will overcome the challenge. Nevertheless, namely blockchain contains the potential to arrange the future relations in the manner when humans and robotics can coexist independently without having to be enemies at the very least. IMHO