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Michael Dyahkonov

Thank you so much for such an ample feedback. Your position is very clear and corresponding a law-abiding European citizen, the one who has sufficient financial and legal background to contract a conventional (official) security vendor. Most probably our project would hardly meet the demands of the social strata such as European wealthy middle class. Actually, creating our project’s core idea we relied on our own life experience, quite bitter experience of residing within a highly corrupted post-soviet environment (the 3d-world country, you feel it very well:). The years of our commercial business activity in this environment taught us not to trust both the state officials and former (retired) state officials since their close ties with racketeering, raiding, and many other criminal activities remain unshaken. Security service vendors in the post-soviet countries (300M people market, by the way) are established by and full of former police and state security officers. It is hard to explain to the Western mentality why I would never hire those vendors to protect me even if my legal and business reputation is snowy clear. In fact this is the “trust issue” which inspires us to offer the anonymous online security service. The problem is complex staying significant for many people throughout the world (migrants, merchants, refugees, etc). At least we hope there can be enough potential customers who share our opinion in this regard.

In any case thank you very much again for your valuable feedback.

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