The enchanting presumption about the attainability of the real Matrix existing somewhere behind our common mindset pushed two billionaires from the Silicon Valley to announce a big-game hunt for the Matrix. Two super rich anonyms ruling some digital business in California decided to discover the way out from the global simulation in which we all are immersed.

No bullshit, seriously. The guys are looking for an escape from the present slavery. Probably they are weary of the current state of affairs. They are bored with that enormous wealth, those luxury possessions, the billions in their bank accounts, their digital empires, the hiring and firing, investing and managing they are engaged in every fucking day. This is too prosaic and vulgarly to experience the same reality that the rest despicable humankind does. How unbearably it is not to be the one…

The guys seem to know something special about the Matrix otherwise they would be satisfied with the spirituality and God-seeking like millions of other seekers on the planet. No, our heroes are going to hack the reality because it should be much more promising than meeting face-to-face with God or the Absolute. They are not looking for the end of the path; they need to find another beginning, the different mind-blasting startup from zero. They are very good at startups, you bet.

Besides, God (or the Absolute) is uncompromising. How to deal with the very omnipotence that needs nothing from humans? Even from so smart and powerful truly leaders as our two sub-Neos. This is meaningless and unproductive. God is irrelevant.

The Matrix in another matter. Whereas supposedly it is created by some artificial super intelligence, there might be a chance to make an agreement with it. Why? Since the Matrix uses human bodies as batteries or (more likely) our brains as a neural network for AI’s computing power, it needs us one way or another. And that means two exceptions from 7.4 billion could be acceptable albeit we all bath in saline on an equal basis. So, mission is possible.

But chances are, the guys are craving the honor. They are so determined to remain in the human memory as the greatest Saviors of Mankind. The grateful emancipate humanity would hardly deny them the authority to arrange everything different. And then something interesting could be done about sending a couple of millions to Mars, for example, or to redraw the map of civilization.

All right, how about the rest mere mortals? Why do millions believe in the Matrix? The fact is their ulterior motives are somehow similar to the sub-Neos’ ones. The primary mover is the vapidity of their day-to-day existence. The social media is mature enough to keep constant delivering. The off-line 9/5 routine is too gray. Drugs and alcohol are dangerous. The sexual deviations have reached their threshold probably. The virtual reality is promising, but not affordable for everyone. Wars and religions are obsolete at all. The conspiracy is still remaining rather fresh to excite. However, the masons, aliens, bankers, Zionists, vampires (add others at your discretion) are not so modern and thrilling as the Matrix.

By the way, identifying a real underworld organization has a gift to offer the culprit of all human calamities. In such a case, every Matrix-seeker could breathe easy because any responsibility was redundant.

That’s the point. We all are powerless slaves renting out our neurons to the sinister Matrix. How disarmingly simple and upbeat concept it is for those averse a personal responsibility.

Few of them would strike against the Matrix nevertheless. For what? It’s so nice to realize our own unaccountability while we do nothing in fact. Everything is bearable, acceptable and even funny if the mighty AI is feeding us with fake memories about fictional virtual events.

A drunken woman has beaten her two-year daughter to death with a stick? No, problem, this is not real. A dozen of patients have been burned alive in the bombing of a Syrian hospital? No matter, it’s all in your head. A fascist came to power in one big Country? Wow, this could be fun. Millions are starving to death in Africa? Cancer? AIDS? Global warming? Forget, it’s just rather infelicitous user interface. Relax and keep watching.

No one is guilty, nothing is prohibited, and everything is chalked up to the fog of the Matrix…

The concept seems attractive enough to induce discovering. Even if it turns out that the Matrix is not real too. What’s one more illusion, right?