Steps to fix issues of activating your Roku streaming device

For activating Roku streaming you need to create activate account because, Roku streaming must connect with your Roku account. Moreover, your Roku account maintains a record of which Roku device you have and permit you to add your preferred TV channels. While activating Roku streaming you has to enter the activation code. Furthermore, you can get the activation code by visiting at on your devices such as computer and Smartphone.

Error is display on your screen when you enter activation code

Whenever error occur after enter the link code then, re-enter the same code again. There may have been typing error or some other kind of issue such as temporary network as well as system error. If again you are not able to solve this trouble then follow the following steps.

  • Move back to your Roku device and hit on help->Get a new code.
  • Whenever the new link codes are display, and then go back to

You entered the link code nevertheless, your Roku device is stuck on the link code screen.

Seldom takes a long time to complete the activation process. So, you can wait for a few minutes till the activation process is not completed. If repeatedly you suffer from this issue you can follow further steps to.

  • First of all, you have to complete all steps to activate Roku device.
  • In case “Error 001” and the message “Not connected” is appears in the top right corner of your TV screen that means your Roku device is not able to connect to a network.

Choose “Try again” option.

Besides this, if you want more information and you have any query or concern about fix issues of activating your Roku streaming device just visit our website

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